My Slave for a Day

By: Mistress Lydia

I like keeping my slave in a cage, in a separate room, so I don't have to hear or see him while I get my beauty rest. Furthermore, I keep a diaper on him which he is forced to use for all of his toilet business, as well as an electrical dog collar around his cock and balls so I can zap him anytime I please. In the morning I reach into the cage, grab him by the hair, and drag him out of there. I dig my heel into his cock and balls and tell him exactly what I want for breakfast. I give him a sissy dress and heels to wear while he cooks my meal. When my meal is ready I dine at my table while he is on his knees massaging my feet. All the while, I use my collar remote to zap his cock and balls whenever I want.

After breakfast I let him lick the scraps from my plate and give him a can of dog food to eat. Then I put him back in his cage, go take a shower, and get beautified for my day. I always need to give a good beating to get pumped up for the day. Once I'm showered, I reach into my slaves cage, grab him by the hair, spit on his face, and tell him to prepare for his morning beating. I bring him into the dungeon where I strap him up to the cross, ass facing me. I zap his cock and balls a few times to get him ready for the pain he's about to experience. Then I reach into my box of floggers, paddles, crops, and whips and I grab my favorite flogger. I flog his back until it's beet red. Then I grab my crop and wail on his sissy boy ass. I continue to beat him with different devices that I enjoy until his back is scarred and bleeding. I take him down from the cross and strap him into a cbt bench so that his cock and balls are separated from his body. I blindfold him and begin to torture his cock and balls with clothespins, weights, string, and a wide assortment of painful whips. I continue to beat his cock and balls until he's crying for mercy.

After his beating, I grab myself a cigarette and blow smoke in his face while I tell him how pathetic and weak he is. I spit in his face again and release him from the cbt device. By now it's around lunch time. I make my slave prepare a nice lunch for my friends and I. I attach a set of brutal nipple clamps to his nipples, and I make sure the collar around his cock is nice and tight. I put him in a sissy maid outfit and wig, and let him get to preparing my lunch. Before my friends arrive I put a mask on him so they don't have to look at his ugly face. My friends are here and our lunch is ready, but something smells. My slave soiled himself in his diaper. I grab my flogger and start beating him in the kitchen . How dare he soil himself while preparing my lunch! I grab him by the hair and take one of the still scorching hot pans, spanking him with it so that his ass is scarred and burned. I force him to smell his own soil while he changes himself. Once he has a clean diaper I make him prepare lunch all over again. My friends and I stand by the kitchen and mock his small cock, fat belly, and ugly face.

We continue to mock and humiliate him as he cooks and I let my friends take turns with the remote which controls the collar around his cock and balls. Once we've all had our fun, lunch is ready.

My slave serves all of us and I use him as a foot rest while I enjoy my food. He gets no lunch because I'm still mad about the diaper incident. Then I realize that one of my friends has brought her slave! She tells her slave to stand up and I make my slave get on his knees and suck the others cock. We laugh and mock them both. He slowly moves his head up and down the shaft making sure to pay a lot of attention to the engorged cock crown. When the slave cums, I make my slave open his mouth to show us the cum, and then swallow it.

After lunch, it's time for more torture. My friends and I come into the dungeon where I put my slave in the stocks so that his ass is nicely exposed. Already burned and scarred, my friends and I take turns spanking and flogging his ass until it's bleeding and he's crying for us to stop. His body writhes in agony. Once we're done beating, I grab my favorite 10 inch dildo, lube it up, and shove it up my slaves ass. He screams in pain as my friends laugh. I fuck his ass with the dildo until he's screaming so loud that his voice gets hoarse. Once I've fucked his ass sore, I tell my friend's slave to fuck my slave in the ass and he does. My friends and I laugh while my slave cries in more pain, and suffers from such severe embarrassment. When the slave is finished coming we make him suck his own cum out of my slaves dripping asshole.

When the afternoon's party is over I put my slave back in his cage while my friends and I go out. I leave him there all alone with only half a can of dog food and some toilet water until I get back. Once I get back at midnight, I'm drunk and I want to beat him again. I pull him out of his cage by his hair, put him on his back, and step on his cock and balls with my heels until his cock is throbbing with pain. Then I piss on his disgusting face, kick him back into his cage, lock it, and go to bed while he sits there in the cold.

He's covered in piss with nothing but dog food and toilet water to eat and drink. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I push the button on my little remote so my slave wakes up too. With the electrical pain on his cock and be continued

A Day in the Life of My Pet

By: Mistress Brenda Star

(this story is based off a true story that happened with my faithful sub on a weekend away together. For the sake of concealing identity the subs name is Wendel)

Every morning Wendel wakes up at approximately 6am and gets himself ready for the day at hand. The first task at hand is to ejaculate into a translucent cup and screw the cap back on tightly. The size of this cup is about the size of a normal 1cup measurer. Then it’s off to shower which consists of a very regimented routine. Firstly, lube and fingering of the butthole is required because what follows is a small buttplug. Once plugged up, he enters the shower and uses very fragrant products. I truly enjoy my subs smelling so sweet you just want to eat them up. A thorough body shave is followed after cleansing, this includes close attention to the anal, testical and nether region between here and there. When perfection is not accomplished Mistress gets very… very angry! When satisfied that cleanly perfection is reached then the sub is allowed to towel off and use a lot of moisturizer to maintain silky skin. Lastly, the canister is worn around his neck with a silver chain. It’s now about 7am and Mistress Brenda will be up at 8am and expect breakfast. Not much time is left to get dressed for the day and prepare breakfast. The uniform is always kept organized neatly in the closet which in the mornings it’s a Maid’s uniform. The maid’s uniform consists of a rubber maid’s uniform in a pastel pink, diapers along with panty bloomers that have pink bows on them. White knee high stockings and shiny black patent leather mary janes. A shiny synthetic blonde wig follows. It has bouncy curls put into it and trails down to mid back. Staring into the mirror the final touch is put on which is pink ultra shiny lipgloss.

Once dressed a quick dash is made to the kitchen, can’t be late for Mistress Brenda. Breakfast is prepared for her before made for the submissive. Egg whites, Whole grain toast and fresh squeezed orange juice on a silver platter. Once everything is ready wendel scurries up the stairs being careful not to spill anything. Mistress Brenda is just finishing getting dressed. She is wearing a black corset which pushes up her already perky breasts. Black lace panties and a white silk robe. Her brunette hair is worn up in a soft twist with trendrils around her face. Looking really pissed off, “It’s 7:59, any later and I would have caned you!” After gently setting down the tray it is expected for you to stand to the side, hands at your side and with your head lowered staring at the ground.

“Gross! What is this! An eggshell?! What incompitence!”, Mistress Brenda yells. Wendel gasps and begins to shake unctrollably from fear. I set aside the tray and jump up to my feet. I point down to my toes and Wendel throws himself down to them and begins to kiss and worship them. Her toes are painted to perfection which have a beautiful bright red color, white tips and gentles sparkles painted on them. “Clean them up good you filthy animal!!”. Toes spread apart Wendel beings to lick in between each stinky toe and suck on each one individually. “Look up at me!” commands Brenda. Up looks Wendel and…. SPLAT… Miss Brenda Star as delicate and beautiful as she is spits in Wendels face, muccus and all. It slimes down his face and as routine as anything else licks it up like it’s the most decadent creation on earth. “Thank you Mistress for being so leanient”, cries Wendel. Miss Brenda can be cruel to say the least but gives only what is deserved and wanted. Mistress grabs the canister from around your neck, opens it up and spits into it, closes it back up and places it back around Wendels’ neck. Mistress Brenda’s face turns red and she yells, “Go get Changed and ready for your breakfast DOG!!!”…..

Now it’s approximately 9:30am and Wendel rushes into the kitchen on all fours to meet his Goddess. Wendel is now in a dog uniform which consists of Dog Ear’s which muffle out any kind of sound thus making him def. Brown leather cincher that is cinching him down to at least 26 inches at the waist from 32inches and a new butt plug which is now 2inches wide and has a lovely brown tail coming out of the backside. His Cock is sheathed in a chastity device made of leather and has an opening so he may goto the bathroom but allows it to stand in an erect state. Such a horny dirty dog, suddenly *Ding* Goes the microwave and I remove the bowl of oatmeal from it and begin to stir it up and pour it into a pink dog bowl. The dog bowl is embroidered in the letters D.D.D (Dumb Def Dog) and placed on the floor. Wendel wimpers and nudges the bowl with his nose as if something is missing. Mistress Brenda snickers, lifts up the bowl, “A dirty dog gets what a dirty dog wants.”, I spit into the food and stir it up. Once set back down Wendel it’s as if he has never eaten before, laps it up real good and flips the bowl over to announce he is done.

Once breakfast is over a walk is necessary. A chain choke collar with leash is brought out and put around Wendels neck. I grab a bag of stuff on my way out the door with wendel excitedly leading me out the door on all fours. We’re in an area of upstate NY which is farily suburban and anyone can drive by the side of the road or come out of their house at anytime. I take Wendel for a walk until he is ready to goto the bathroom. All of the suddent Wendel begins to piss against a tree and takes a crap right then and there. Upset and frustrated I pickup the feces with a plastic bag and tie it up closed. It’s then placed in the big bag I brought out on my way out earlier and I remove a plastic container which looks like it’s something you’re supposed to take a urine sample in. “Now how am I suppose to save your urin for later you stupid shit!!”. Wendel is grabbed by the hair and nose rubbed into the tree where he pissed. He know’s as do all of my pets, what is expected of them and this is unacceptable behavior. Mistress Brenda pulls hard on the leash choking Wendel and dragged back inside the house and up the stairs into the bathroom. “Take off all of your clothes and get into the tub, kneeling now!” shouts Miss Brenda. Once in the tub and kneeling I mount my disgusting pig of a sub and piss all over him. “You want to not listen to orders and just piss where you want! Then you will have to wear mine!"

“Now clean yourself up and meet me in my dungeon! NAKED!” Mistress Brenda exits to her dungeon and Wendel quickly washes up and meets her downstairs. It is now about 12pm and I have changed into my Red Satin Corset, matching panties, girdle, stockings and black stilletos to match. Now I plug wendel up with a 3inch butt plug, bind his hands with leather mittens and cuffes behind his back. A Rubber hood is placed over Wendels’ head with two straws inserted into each nostril and a tube for the mouth.. He is spun around and made to bend over and chest flat against a table nearby. Wendel is paddled terribly hard until his ass starts to welt up do I decide it’s time to stop. Then I use my favorite tool which is a purple flogger and commence flogging Wendel’s outer thighs for what seems forever. For the icing on the cake I use my riding crop for the inner thighs with a few swift slaps to his scrotum. “Stand straight up you filthy sub!”, commands Misstress Brenda. I seran wrap him very tightly leaving space around his pathetic penis so it’s left dangling freely. Then Wendel is leaned up against a pole and seran wrapped against the pole to keep him in place. I then hook him up to an invention of mine called a Milker. The penis is hooked up to a suction like device similar to a penis pump. The tube from the penis pump looking aparatus is connected to the cum and spit filled canister from before. Another tube is connected to a small machine that is then connected to something that looks like a digital timer. It is set to suck and vibrate for 30 minutes every hour and collect the victims cum. Then a tray is wheeled over and raised to almost head level. The bag with his shit is brought out, opened and left on the tray. His head is taped to keep his up upright not able to move left or right.

At about 6pm my footsteps can be heard coming down the steps. The milker is detached and tray wheeled away. “Here I brought something down to soothe your pathetic penis.” I pull out some bengay and massage it all on his penis and scrotum. Let the burning begin hehehehe. The pain is so intense for Wendel, bound… nowhere to go, Mistress Brenda leaves for another 2 hrs. Finally, I bring down a bowl full of about 15 ice cubes to Wendel. I allow him to use one to soothe his penis, “Now wendel don’t get greedy and use them all”.. Wendel is trained to do what’s right and he begins to insert each cube into his butt after I remove the plug from him. 14 cubes later he plugs himself back up but this time with a plug that is 4 inches and is brought back up the stairs to the kitchen where his oatmeal is waiting for him in the same doggie bowl. Wendel is on all fours whimpering over his food again. I roll my eyes because I know what he expects. I swear, pets can be so spoiled at times….. I take the canister of cum that has been collected and mix it with his oatmeal. “There you go eat up.”

After dinner and a full day of beatings and milkings Wendel is being called for by Mistress Brenda from up the stairs. He enters into his room and there she is waiting with a wrapped gift on the night stand. “Here is something to remember this weekend by my filthy cum licker.” I walk away and close the door behind me, Wendel quickl opens up the gift and pulls out of the box a big black dildo at least with a 4 inch girth and 12 inches in leangth. Wendel begins to sweat wondering what is he going to do?! A quick glance in the box and there is some easy glide in there. PHEW!!! Mistress Brenda is oh so thoughtful. Wendel goes to sleep blistfully experiencing his new toy in every oriface imagineable.

Idiots in the Basement

By: Mistress Haley

Slave Walter awakes with a sharp pain in the testicles. He peers up to see me standing above him, my stiletto on his crotch, and begins to whimper. "Please m-m-m-Mistress, forgive me...... me.......... " he stammers. It's 9 am, and he's been sleeping on my kitchen floor, dressed in nothing but his frilly little maid's outfit.

"I thought I told you to have slave Michael out of his cage and making my breakfast by 9 am. Do you know what time it is?!" He tries to grasp at my dress, his hands rubbed raw from scrubbing the floor all night. "Please, please," he begs, "I accidentally fell asleep, and....... it'll never happen again, my Mistress, and........"

"Shut your pathetic mouth! There is no excuse for you; you are a disgrace!" I scream. I stomp on his balls again, then drag him to his knees by his ear. "You miserable pile of shit, you will be punished severely for this," I hiss acidly to him. "Not another word. Bring slave Michael a bucket of ice water to wash with, and let him out of his cage. Move your ass, stupid!"

"Yes, Mistress," he blubbers pathetically, and scurries out of the room. A few minutes later, he returns with slave Michael, who is naked, covered in goose bumps, his penis tiny as usual from his ice water bath. I point and laugh. "Well, at least you've amused me this morning, but that's not getting you off the hook either. Make my coffee and breakfast now!!"

"Yes, Mistress," he says, trembling, as he frantically gets out the pots and pans. "That's not all," I tell him. "I was going to reward the two of you with some nice turkey sandwiches. I've changed my mind."

"Oh, please give them to us, we had no supper last night," slave Walter whines.

"You have some nerve to complain!!" I scream, and kick his balls again, as he howls in pain. "Take out the sandwiches." I let them salivate, as I languidly enjoy my meal. When I'm finished, I order them to take the meat from their sandwiches, and feed it to my cats. They all fill up contentedly and curl up for a nap."Good, and don't look so sad, at least you can still eat bread and lettuce." I spit on their food and shove it into their mouths. "You should be grateful for that, you cunts! Walter, go and get me the collar and gravel." He rushes to obey me, and soon returns with an electric shock dog collar and remote, and a bag of gravel. "Dump out the gravel." He obeys, and watches in dismay, as all of his hard work polishing the floor is ruined by his own hands. I grab the collar, and wrap it around his balls. "Now, kneel on the gravel." He's whimpering now, and I box his ears. "Move it, fatass!!!"

"Yes Mistress, yes Mistress," he sobs helplessly, as he kneels, and the granite begins to dig into his flesh.

"From now on, your title will be 'Piss Face', and you, Michael, will be 'Dick Breath'."

"Why, Mistress?" slave Michael asks. I turn to him and twist his balls in my fist.

"Did I ask you a fucking question, Dick Breath?" "No, Mistress."

"Then shut the fuck up!!! You know what, I'll shut you up myself". I take out a big rubber cock, and shove it into his mouth, until he gags. "This is only the beginning of the meaning of your new name, mister twenty questions! Deep throat this cock, and hold yourself completely still, until I tell you to move, or you'll be sorry!" I spit into both of his eyes, and as it drips down his face, he dares not move. Then I turn back to Walter. "We're going to play a little game, Piss Face. I stand over him and tilt his head back. I piss all over his face first, and then the rest of his body, until he is completely soaked and dripping. "Everyone knows that liquid increases the flow of electricity, right?"

"Yes, but, oh please don't.......... my balls are so sore already....... have mercy!" He shrieks in pain, as I use the remote to shock his balls, again and again, laughing hysterically.

"Look at how your little cock shrivels up! It looks like a wrinkly Vienna sausage! Ha ha ha ha!" I point and double over in laughter. I continue to shock him, and each time I do, the gravel digs deeper into his knees, until he's bleeding. "Ok, that's enough."

"Oh, thank you, thank you," he sobs, kissing my feet. "Not so fast," I say mockingly. "I'm not finished with you. Dick Breath, take that cock out of your mouth, and shove it up Piss Face's ass, no lube. Now!!"

Dick Face obeys and vigorously rapes Piss Face, as I go to strap on my hugest rubber cock. "Ok, Dick Breath, it's time to live up to your new title." His eyes bulge and his mouth gapes, as he stares at my enormous new appendage. Piss Face is crying now, and the cock Dick Face is fucking him with is covered in blood and shit. "Oh, Piss Breath, you're such a little baby! You want to cry? I'll give you something to cry about, pussy! Take it! Dick Face, fuck him harder, and don't stop until I tell you!!"

Just then, the doorbell rings. It's Mistress Jasmine, coming to visit at teatime. I tell her disdainfully, "I'm so sorry that I don't have tea and shortcakes, but my slaves have been a bit of a problem today. One of them is crying like a baby, and it's getting on my nerves, that he just can't seem to take his punishment in stride."

"I have just the thing for him, if he's going to be such a little baby," she says, as she whips out a pretty pink bonnet and pacifier from her handbag.

"Perfect!" I exclaim. "He's the one kneeling, with the piss all over him."

"Oh, I'm so glad you have a toilet, I really have to pee. May I use it?" she asks.

" Me cas is su casa." She squats over him and orders him to drink and be grateful for the privelage. He complies, which is wonderful to observe, because Dick Breath is still pounding his poor asshole. As he chokes down as much piss as he can, I continue to shock him for missing multiple drops of pee. I tell him he is a pathetic, miserable failure, and he begs for my forgiveness. I tell him, "Don't beg me, beg Jasmine, because you have failed her as well."

"Oh please forgive me, Mistress Jasmine, I'll do a perfect job next time!" I tell him that this time, Dick Breath is going to take his punishment for him, and to get out of my sight, because if I have to look at him for another second, I'm going to vomit all over him. He hobbles away, bowlegged, but not before I order him to fetch a foot long dildo with rubber balls, for Jasmine to play with.

"Dickface, you look a little too relieved. Did you really think I was finished with you?" He begins to blubber and whine again, which agitates both Jasmine and I. "Take that shit and blood covered cock that you were fucking Piss Face with, and slap yourself across the face with it, onto both of your cheeks!!" He complies reluctantly, smearing repusive bodily fluids all over himself, but too afraid to disobey. He starts to cry and tries not to gag. "Oh, you want to complain, do you??!! Cry like a baby?? That's it! Fuck yourself in the face with that cock, you faggot, and tell us you love it!"

"I love it, I love it, Mistresses'" he blubbers, gagging some more. Jasmine puts the bonnet on him and shoves the pacifier into his mouth. She tells him he's the ugliest baby she's ever seen, but if he whines like a baby and can't take his punishment, then that's what he deserves, and nothing less.I saunter over and yank out his pacifier, quickly replacing it with my big strap on dick. I fuck his face, and tell him that this is what a real dick feels like, not the sad little breakfast link hanging uselessly between his legs. He remembers what I did to Piss Face, and dares not answer back. Jasmine has fun beating him in the face with her cock, and we alternate, until we are sore from all the laughing.

Then I tell them they are going to get the electric wedgie. We have fun putting them in panties, then attaching them to the suspension pole, with hooks attached to the panties.As the suspension lifts them off the floor, their panties hold strong, and they wail miserably.Piss Face and Dick Breath then spend the remainder of the evening in this position, as we enjoy our teatime and reminisce..........

A Midsummer's Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist

By: Mistress Haley

As Heathcliff, known locally as "The Village Bozo," sauntered about the park at dusk, flexing his flabby muscles, skipping rope, and taunting young women, he spotted two "femme fatales" (Haley and jasmine) who were stretching and relaxing on the lawn, and practicing intricate yoga stunts.

Heathcliff, who gave failure a bad name, had an IQ of a hemorrhoid, and the personality of one. His shit-eating grin was a fixture on his ugly face, as he boldly approached these two robust, attractive vixens and immediately challenged them to a contest of jumping rope as well as blind man's bluff.

He had a long jump rope, whereas Haley "The Comet" and Jasmine "Flower Power" kept an eyeless spandex hood in their gym bag for the unexpected. (If you give such an oaf as Heathcliff a rope, he'll hang himself-literally) Haley and Jasmine have virtually no tolerance for cretins such as Heathcliff, and proceeded to bait him into a deal, wherein they would provide him x-rated videos, if he was capable of skipping rope 300 times with an eyeless hood on his head, and not tripping, even once.

Being an unassuming, machoistic moron that he was, Heathcliff readily accepted this challenge from these savvy, experienced Dommes, who took delight in humiliating such pathetic shitheads. Within 90 seconds after Heathcliff began sightlessly skipping rope, he found himself being hogtied with his own rope, and being carried out of the desolate park, and into a well-concealed dungeon, which also served as a gym for Haley and Jasmine.

It was fully equipped with every torturous device known to S & M aficionados. He pleaded to his captors to untie him, with the promise that he "would find God, and change his perverted ways," but it fell on deaf ears and his fate was sealed. The two energetic vixens untied him, but began a joint wrestling session, whereupon poor Heathcliff quickly found himself being squeezed and stretched by two pairs of sinuous arms and legs, which enveloped him with the suction of the long tentacles of a giant octopus.

Jasmine's "flower power" was derived from her ballet training and martial arts skills, whereas Haley had ridden horses (though never bucked by one) and knew how to control and subdue her opponents on the mat. Their beauty alone could mesmerize a man into submission, not to mention their physical strength and wrestling expertise. Heathcliff screamed out in agony and ecstasy (mostly agony) for leniency, and cried out that he submitted, but Haley just snapped back, "We'll be the judge of that!" So the wrestling torture continued for Heathcliff, who was limp by now from the pressure of powerful thighs around his torso and head, while stroking himself into repeated ejaculations.

There was no letup, as the dynamic female duo took liberties with what was left of Heathcliff, and took turns with face sitting. He eventually lapsed into delirium and completely lost sense of his whereabouts, while Haley and Jasmine laughed seductively at his futile attempts to escape, while being entangled in a vortex of legs and arms, and twisted every way but loose. He became an involuntary human pretzel. At this point, the two vixens decided to stuff Heathcliff into a snug spandex body bag, which they then laced up tightly to his neck. He couldn't move a muscle and was covered in his own semen.

He was "too pooped to pop." Haley and Jasmine then attached the stuffed body bag onto the padded wall with multiple sturdy hooks. His feeble cries for help were met with stern responses, such as "We're just beginning with you," and "No one's going to miss you-just wait for the unhappy ending!" Haley and Jasmine then proceeded to blare obnoxious rap music in the soundproofed room and left Heathcliff suspended in the dark, dank room to his own thoughts and misery. They promised to return the next day to resume to wrestling torture and told Heathcliff that he would have to eat catnip first for energy.

As they closed the dungeon door, both Haley and Jasmine decided to return to the nearby park the next day, in hopes of ensnaring another macho moron for their "trophy room." They were invigorated with enthusiasm. Heathcliff wasn't even worthy of being a slave!

The Nature of the Beast…

By: Mistress Layla

The Skyline is decorated with countless buildings that contain busy bees. From Sun up to Sun down these bees work hard. They fax, file, and communicate to be sure we all get the goods and services companies are required to deliver. These busy bees also count the clock. Waiting for that moment they can get a break; just a couple of hours away from documents and concrete to indulge in just one hidden fantasy. Below the beautiful skyline Manhattan is also lined with liquor stores, bakeries and some stores that when passed spark a bit of delight. There amongst the books by the door lie various ads one would never bother to touch unless they are hungry for play.

All of a sudden there is something new. A simple glance has turned into a vice, an addiction to be sure her face will be there, Evette with her sadistic mind and Layla the sensual viper. From retiree to suit it all begins the same. A purchase, then an escape to the back room to jerk off to Evette’s blue eyes then a quick flip to that ass some lucky man gets to enjoy, Mistress Layla. With cum spurting from his dick, week after week locked in a cage. Mark finally gets the courage to come in early get his work done, take a long lunch and call that number that has been engraved in his mind for the past few weeks. After reading their stories, the ladies of Double Dip love to tease, play, show off their work and above all else…DEVOTION

Enough with the booths hearing other men or smelling their cologne through the curtains, with a simple phone call what was once a thought is now within reach. Her voice is mellow and inviting. The location is within 10 minutes by cab from his office, Mark thinking, “I gotta do it right.” Mistress Layla is available; she was the only one for weeks that consumed his mind. This woman should be on a pedestal, not available for mere mortals to touch or serve. The phone person is accommodating, having Layla dressed in the tightest latex or outfit that shows that body would be amazing. Time seems to drag on as Mark fills out a brief note about his likes and dislikes. Giving Mistress Layla’s book is making him want more. More time! More photos! Until he reaches the final photos….

DOUBLE DIP! The photo from the ad, Evette and Layla. With seconds feeling like minutes, Layla already dressed to show her bodacious body. Her ass and breasts in latex with a corset to accentuate her hard earned round ass that makes you want to kiss from her red to toes to her sinfully red lips. A person should be cursed not to follow her orders; it should be a violation of law! After a quick trip to the bathroom so there are no interruptions he is led to a room with mirrors and a table or bed decorated with rings and hooks, it doesn’t matter to him. In walks the Caramel Queen! Standing at attention. His nerves tingle immediately as Evette walks in seconds later, this leads to his nipples getting hard and an uncontrollable erection. Layla laughs to Evette; “At least it is long enough for some CBT!” Mark looks on as Layla puts a series of loops in some rope. Instead of a smile, he gets “What bitch? Nope you can’t touch this ass and you can’t touch my partner’s toes…until we say so!”

Her curves are real, as are her curly long locks, big breasts and bodacious hips. His mind is reeling thinking “wow this shit is real?” A few polite giggles in the background make him comfortable, little does he know, her Blonde Partner in crime is waiting to play. Soon spacious room is full of sounds of mellow music and all kinds of toys are displayed for their use and delight. …. Shiite! Mark’s mind briefly takes in the room but his focus is on Mistress Layla, looking even better in person all he can think of is the boner in his pants. Layla walks about the room making sure he sees every movement from the light slap on Evette’s ass to her bending over to bring down cuffs for his feet.

Mark is sure he has seen her in some ad for television or magazine. With a quick hello he is ordered to his knees. After being disrobed and inspected with her eyes and keen fingertips Mark gladly jumps on the bed. Layla takes her heel and places it on his chest ordering him to lie down with a word. Her leg strength is displayed immediately; with a quick turn of his head he feels the surreal smoothness of her skin. Mark has given in, “I am all yours,” comes out thinking it will impress Layla. With all the thoughts of wasted time in titty bars and unsatisfied sex, Mark gets a whiff of her essence as she uses him as a stool to sit & smother, as a few finishing touches are done to the room her smooth latexed ass is making his dick hurt as it fills. After a few moments Layla slowly takes a long thick dildo and places it in his mouth. After a getting a brief intro into how to treat this goddess’ cock, soon he is licking and sucking on Layla’s big black dick. (An hour or an hour and a half is not enough!!) After being fucked in the mouth the session begins!

Mark is thrown to the ground, ankles behind his back, hands in the front…bound he begs and grovels at her feet. He is allowed to feel one leg from toe to thigh. Layla’s hands are softer than my creamy thighs. Layla runs her nails through his hair, pulling it back, and playing with his nipples. My nails drive him absolutely mad with delight! Now on his knees the vision is more than a mirage. Soon Layla is pulling and pinching his nipples. Mark knew they were sensitive but once she applies the nipple clamps the pain is almost unbearable. Layla stands over him bending her round ass over taking a look at the art of wrapping his balls in rope Evette has performed. Now he notices his cock is rock hard. Quickly being placed in suspension, Layla takes a length of rope, making a leash for our new puppy. Without a moment’s notice Layla slaps his swollen balls and pulls a few hairs out with tweezers before placing a few pushpins sending erotic pain and pleasure he would always accept from this Goddess. With his slightly tanned legs spread apart he gets a full view of the Asses and has thoughts of the kinky minds that made him call.

There was no doubt he would do all their bidding. Layla was a tigress devouring the meal. Like a Lioness calling for the others to devour the meal. Evette has on a white cock ready to see if this ass is ready for true double domination. Evette is satisfied with his pink tongue licking her cock. He is ordered to the middle of the floor where a throne awaits…Layla’s favorite throne? The Bondage Bed! Evette and Layla take turns pulling rope through holes and tying intricate knots that make his breathing harder and his cock stand on end. Evette takes control by slipping on a pair of panties to hide that little “man-gina.” Mark is further sewn into proper placement. His head bound to the table unable to move just as his body is frozen. He reaches down to feel the smooth wood, mistakenly touching a Goddess.

Mistress Evette and Layla both take this as an insult. This pussy has no right to feel, touch, grab, or worship because he is a mere mortal. This is a lesson he will never forget. Each with innocent bags in hand they place clothes pins up and down his torso. First clasping his nipples, then moving to his groin, inner thigh, and finally placing them firmly on his balls. There is no mystery why these 2 play so well together. His pain is almost unbearable but looking up at Layla’s voluptuous ass as she bends over to place the final clothespin is worship enough. Obviously with his panties down to gain full access, his cock is still misbehaving. Evette pulls out an innocent black pouch. She brings over the basket that Mark has known to be full of the almost addictive toys he imagines. Fully gloved Evette hands Layla the lubricant. The sound of a zipper in the distance causes him to twitch. Evette tickles their play toy as Layla slowly allows lubricant to trickle down his dick. Layla’s ass in full view, Evette taking charge of the pinwheel as if it were attached, Layla slowly inserts a cold steel sound into his penis head. Mark gags in pain, but there is nowhere for him to go. No one for him to scream for aide. It is what he wants.

Mark is introduced to sounds. If you have never had the courage enough said. He does not bother to scream as the scene is something he has always imagined. Being unwillingly taken by 2 Mistresses, not allowed to scream or move. Layla slides the sound out of his prick and places a larger one. This time the sweat dripping from his head is sight enough that he knows how to follow instructions and play with these 2 undergrads. With the sound play complete, Evette and Layla check his bondage. Asking Mark to lift his head is simple enough. To see their teasing lips. Except the rope tied around his neck is wrapped around his balls and with each look at The Mistresses beautiful lips his balls are pulled further into his ass. “ANYTHING FOR YOU MISTRESS!” With that exclamation success has been achieved. Their voices are mellow yet commanding and he loves it!

They take to him like to sensual minx. Fingertips to toes, he is freed from his clothespins and push pins but what about his balls? They are tickled with the most unbelievable vibrator imaginable. He wants to come, begs for permission, with a slight whisper he is told no and the heat from one Mistress on one side and a Goddess on the other is so erotic, he knows his new addiction. With every sensible bone telling him the hour is up. He digs in deeper and pays for another hour with this Exotic Caramel Dream, Layla and the Teasing curves on Evette. Mark is like every other retired pisser wasting his time being in charge of some company he would never own, now he was a happy employee. Accepting and tasting this wealth of pleasure with delight, after being ordered on his back, mouth open accepting of the Golden Shower to which he was being treated. First Layla, then Evette pissing on this white-collared soap dropper. His asshole pinching with delight, Layla turns into a minx, taking turns with fingertip and nail, tickling, slapping his balls, round circles about his nipples and if you want to know the rest…

There was one instruction, only serve US! As these clearly skilled Mistress’ stilettos touched the ground he will pleasure whatever would happen. Layla and Evette had him choking in subjugation. He swallows as they laugh taking turns on the aiming into their new piss pot. Smothering him in the gasp for air showers, gasping for air his balls filling with cum, Mark is in envy of any slave. Mark feels the true meaning of surrender. Evette takes more from the basket of delight Light candle wax touched his balls. I allow him to breath and as every nerve wants him to scream he saw the smile on my face. Just another half hour Mark mumbled, disgruntled wanting more. Tied, gagged and on all fours his eyes always on Mistress Layla, the chastity devise was removed with a gag placed in his mouth, Layla lubes him up and places her little finger in his ass. Thinking it was the end of the examination, Mark attempted to exhale, and soon we each make him sniff our Asses as the Exotic Mistress places her cock in a very naughty place.

Mark was feeling things he could not describe. With one quick shut of his eyes Mark opened them to find Layla mounting him and riding him. Popping his cherry and making him tingle all over. With no more will to fight he knew he found his new addiction, these Goddesses and what he had to do to serve them. With time ticking away Layla ordered this white-collar guy to stroke his cock as Evette crouches her butt over his face his balls instantly tightening at the site of that gorgeous ass, ordered to open his mouth, happily, Evette strapped on her favorite dildo, the cock slid down his wet tongue as she fucked his mouth. With every lick and suck he thanked his teachers for this baptism. Begging for more. Layla slaps him as Evette spat on him. His pathetic figure made him a piece of shit slave. With a full enema bag waiting Layla cuffs his hands in front then put the tip in his ass and released the drip. Filling his colon with water he shook with mercy. Tears pouring down his face. Evette delivered on his wish and stopped the flow of water. Instead of being led to the bathroom Layla places a nicely lubed butt plug in his ass. Mark’s sweat and tears allowed him the benefit from an escort to the men’s room. He re-entered the room with plastic on the floor. If he can waste time by shitting and pissing, we would do the same. We laced him down to the bondage bed.

Our asses in the air, Mark learns the meaning of sensual play. More! Thinking take me further. We would make him beg for more and give him less. We would manipulate a weak pussy from the front and behind at the same time. We take turns grabbing his hair and turning his melon head to the mirror, slapping his ass, as he is rode by Ebony and Ivory. Allowed to regain his composure and use the facilities ready to thank his Golden Goddesses. He got a big surprise. Upon his return, Mark was ready to devour those toes. But all he met was the back of Layla’s hand, soft skin slapping his face and a swift kick to the groin. On his knees apologizing to his Goddesses gagging promises of visits every week with the mysterious dealers of all dirty and sensual things Evette, a blonde with a pension for trouble looking on and playing as her delights, Mark felt the truth: A swift kick to the chest that sent him to the ground. We don’t care about what we will play next week, We care about now! “My strength and body, imagination and soul were being delivered and you will accept.” Layla commanded. Able to lift and carry this minute figure to the awaiting mats, Mark became my tackling dummy. Schoolboy holds, Boston Crab, Full Nelson and finally scissors. He had dreamt but now his face was really between my thighs. Sweat dripped from my skin and he could feel my soft skin preparing for more. I gave him the pleasure of a quick smothering and as soon as my ass touched his face it cut off his strength.

While Layla holds him down, Evette uses her fingertips and pinwheel to tickle and stimulated him against his will. He shot all over his newly clean body and We stand over looking at each drop as if it were tattooing him. The mark of Mistress Layla and Mistress Evette! Ordered to shower this time he took the time to look over his body preparing to go back to the warehouse he worked. Not a mark on him… He wished deep inside he could allow Layla to dig her nails into wherever she liked and mark him, but he knew he was too much of a pussy to explain that.

After a quick cleaning, he looked at his watch. Coming to work an hour early to take a 2-hour lunch like this he would do at least once a week. Layla and Evette walked him to the door after every one of his chores were done. He saw they were both still in fresh in teasing attire that made him think twice about leaving, both wearing their cocks. “Just one more taste?” he asks. As a final “This is for you, Thank you” with a promise of “remember next week,” he kissed the back hand of the voyeur, Evette first slowly taking in every smell immersing himself too much, Layla grabbed by the neck as he puckered to kiss her but pleasure was given! The elevator door is called with another client awaiting the addictive habits of the Double Dip.

Mark walks slowly into the elevator as he makes another appointment for next week. “You know how my pink pussy!” Layla says seeing want to draw the Goodbye out. As the sun hit his face at 230p Mark hailed a cab back uptown with the full knowledge he would wait for Layla, please Evette, and treat Layla like a Goddess the following week. His cubicle was a cage, which he could finally endure after going out for a hit of his addiction. The anxiety was gone and he had Mistresses, Goddesses, he would always indulge.

Immediately he logs onto Punishment Square for appointment with both these beauties. Knowing there was an addiction that lethal so close to him should be illegal he thought, but next week would be even better as he crossed off the day of the following appointment. “A 2 hour lunch is not enough!” Mark says allowed. Another busy bee looks on with envy at the glow emanating from his body.


By: Mistress Jezebel

He wakes up to my voice. “Your fucking disgusting the way you were born and i should cut off your fucking penis (and shove it down your own throat). You have no control over yourself. If I ever see you cum before I tell you that you can, i’ll fucking feed it to you in a bottle. I’ll lash you until you are bloody and crying and screaming, wishing that I would cut it off” You ARE my doll. You are mine to create, mold, shape, abuse, and neglect.

I preserve him in a box acting as a cell, like a doll. Fully dressed as a girl doll. The plastic covering allowing him just enough air to breathe. And if he so much as asks for more air or gasps louder than I see fit, I just cut him off completely with a fist to his scull and piss on his face to bring him back to life. I have a dollhouse dungeon. Keep him in a box until I am ready to play. And always dressed as a girl. Brought down and abused for the disgusting cock between his legs. I amuse myself by bringing him through the different stages of human development from childhood...dressing him up as a baby, wearing a diaper, feeding him only soft foods and formula, stuffing it down his throat until he vomits everywhere. Making him clean it up with his tongue...or with the long gorgeous hair I sew onto his head with a needle and tie up in bows. Then a toddler. Beating the fucking shit out of him...classic over the couch railing, dress lifted up exposing a bare ass and beaten with a wooden spoon. I freeze his balls and his penis...anything to make it shrink in any way possible. I take two large blocks of ice, crushing his cock between them and wrap them together tightly around it. I tighten the tie and flatten the blocks together. I clip small pieces of skin on his ball-sack with clothespins, like a popsicle on a wooden base. Toddlers love popsicles. “You should have been born a fucking girl. You disgust me. You are fucking disgusting.”

I put makeup on him, make sure he really FEELS like a young adolescent girl and stick my huge pointed heels up his ass if he so much as whimpers from my blows. I teach him how to insert a tampon and force him to insert it into his asshole to stop the bleeding. Dresses. I make him change. I shave off all of his hair, strip him of his masculinity (anything that allows him to identify with his manhood), including his eyebrows and then tattoo his face makeup on. Teenage girl stage. I force him to engorge himself with all types of food...binge eat like a bulimic bitch. He eats until he cannot eat anymore and then I shove the remaining food down his throat until he begs me to let him make himself vomit. I shove my dildo down his throat...make him feel like a young teenage girl orally pleasing a man for the first time. “You could not please me if you tried as hard as you could. Get it deeper in your throat!” Gag reflex not acceptable....young girls are expected to learn to control their gag when he gags I keep going, and when he vomits, I make him mop it up off the floor with his long hair. “You will never be as good as a real woman. But you will fucking try as hard as you can.”

I hang him upside-down so that his dress falls down towards his face and I shock his penis with open wire electrical current any time he starts to get hard or even shows signs that he may cum. In this way, I am administering electric shock him to associate his penis with the worst pain he has ever felt....make him wish he had control over it...make him believe that it is disgusting and that it should never have been a part of his body. Make him know that his weakness comes from the lack of control he has over his anatomy...and that he WILL be punished harshly for this lack of control. He is growing still into a woman. He changes again on command. Wears an apron. Keeps the house impeccable and cooks me only high class vegetarian meals. I despise meat. He is to always keep the house in this condition. He learns his roles and duties as a woman in society, and god forbid he steps anywhere out of that expectation and role. I make him die his hair different colors and use the bleach from the die to burn his skin. I burn a beauty mark into his cheek with my cigarette. I make him pull his penis up between his legs and tuck it in tight. Make him Duct Tape his dick between his ass crack and all the way around. I punch him repeatedly in the man-crotch. My play time! I RIP off the tape when I am ready to put him back in the box, where he will stay until I am ready to play again.

Not A Love Story

By: Lady Jillian Sinclair

The clank of footfall on stainless steel announces the arrival of my tedious slave, James.

I watch him on a series of surveillance cameras as he enters my antechamber; to his eyes this a narrow room notable only for its mirrored floor, ceiling and walls. I run crimson nails through my copper hair. Redheads make the cruelest mistresses.

He gasps as door slides seamlessly into the wall behind him. Stupid slave. I watch James run his sweat-slick hands over the glass looking for egress. I can take it no more. After several minutes of futile exploration I extinguish the lights, plunging the room into total darkness. He yelps in surprise. Such over-indulgence in one’s senses is most unappealing. I let him sit. And wait.

As James sits stupidly in the dark I slather myself with lubricant and slowly slide into my dress, enjoying its glove-like grip on my hips, breasts and buttocks and savoring rich suffocating stink of latex. Before I make my grand entrance I take down a riding crop, an inky coil of black nylon rope and don an appropriately cuntish pair of gleaming black patent riding pumps.

I enter my antechamber. He falls back blinking at the latex-clad auburn goddess standing before him and the blistering battery of halogen bulbs poised at his face.

He’s dazzled. I wait for him to speak. When he does I threaten to slap his the face with the crop.

“Silence.” I say. “Present yourself for inspection.” He stands, confused, unsure of what to do. “Clothes off.” He begins. His pace displeases me. “Faster.” Not good enough. “Halt. Clearly you are incapable of even the simplest of chores.”

“W-What do I do now?” he asks.

“I said: Silence!” and impulsively lash at him with my crop. He cringes at the hissing crop but I stop a fraction of an inch before it hits him. “You will learn to take orders correctly. To your knees now, drop.”

He falls to his knees, a greenish pale pile of useless flesh, his very presence an insult to the cold, perfectly polished steel and mirror of my chamber. I loop rope over his arms and torso, binding them together until he’s immobile. “The more you squirm the tighter you’ll bind yourself,” I say and kick him backwards.

He topples backwards, his hands pinned beneath him. I run my crop over James’ skin then straddle him. I watch a minute smile crawl across his face. “Enough.” I say. I pull my panties against my thigh and expel a powerful stream of urine against his disgusting face.

He sputters and chokes; writhing in his rope cocoon, which pulls tighter and tighter around him until his slightly plump flesh has been squeezed into distinct red blotches that protrude above the rope. I have no doubt from his expression that he is in intense, exquisite pain.

“And I have a treat for you,” I say, letting my face loom over his hazel eyes – now irritated and bloodshot from the piss sting – are at once greedy and fearful. “Close your eyes now.”

I let a gob of mucous-laced phlegm drop against James’ mouth. It spatters against his lips. Not good enough, so I force the bright black toe of my stiletto between his lips and grind the remaining droplets into his mouth. His head lolls, pinkened and blotchy with agony and ecstasy.

I step back a pace to admire my handiwork then yank a single rope end and his ropes fall away. His body is heaving, striped red and white from where the ropes had bit into him.

“You may stand now,” I say. “March.”

“Which way?” he asks. This time I hit his thigh most savagely. He yelps like puppy. I jab him forward into my personal chambers.


My chambers are glass, chrome, and black leather. A torture chamber sparsely decorated, yet with exquisite taste; why, even the chain hanging from the ceiling has been spit-shined to a pewter gleam. The hook beneath it is crusted with rust, however.

“Sit.” I tell James. “On the floor.” I pick up my clipboard. “Now I was prepared to let you off somewhat lightly but given your insolence. The nerve of looking upon me the severity of your punishment has magnified exponentially. Now lay down.”

I handcuff him this time. Blindfold him too. Then stand him up, raking his back with my nails and occasionally slashing him playfully with my crop, leaving lines of bright red on his back and grotesque traces of sweat clinging to my fingertips.

“Raise your hands up.” I say. He complies. I loop the hook beneath his cuffs.

“What’s going on?” he asks. “I can’t move my arms!”

I step backwards jabbing in a nub of metal more satisfying to me than any cock. There is a roar of machinery and the lusty groan of heavy chain being pulled upwards. James shrieks; his entire body pulled up off the ground. I grab a second set of handcuffs and fix them around his ankles. Then I press in a second button, one even more satisfying than the first. A second hook drops from the ceiling. I loop it silently under his ankle chain.

I undo the first hook. His body swings downwards as the second hook diabolically lifts him upwards, his head falling within a whisper of the floor. Now he is dangling upside down. Swinging. Rendered utterly useless. Most humiliating, I don’t doubt.

His body is not unpleasing, swinging there like a carcass.

His measurements were provided to me advance, of course, but this the first time I have had an unrestricted view of his musculature – quite substantial beneath a veneer of lazy fat – or his cock. I peer closer, using only my nails to pry it from between his thighs. It is appropriately large and thick. I flick its head, feeling its swing on its heft, and am amused to hear a whimper of pain from its owner.

I step back, placing the tip of my crop on his face. “What is your name?”

“James.” He whimpers, struggling from the unfamiliar position.

“I can’t hear you.”


I lash him brutally across his stomach. A red weal is already beginning to form. “Wrong. You don’t have a name. You don’t own anything unless I give it to you.” I kneel down next to his ear. “You are nothing,” I whisper letting my hot breath fill his. I cup my hands to his ear. “NOTHING.”

I squat down before his penis and remove a small bundle of rope from between my breasts. “No peeking this time, scumbag.” I say, flicking his testes hard enough to make a sound. His body contorts. I loop a small strand of rope around his cock and tug.

And so begins his training… the militant, systematic repetitive breakdown of his autonomy, his individuality, everything about who he is and what he stands for is worn away under a constant barrage of blows, shrieks and whispers. I tug his hair back and hurl him back and forth – “I will make you nothing.”

Hours pass. His body is scarlet with pain.

“You have earned a brief respite,” I say, lower him to the ground and cut his bindings. “Lie down.”

He lies back.

I stood and looked down at him. His slight belly marred what would otherwise have been an acceptable build. “My slave cannot be unfit.” I say, pinching a handful of fat. “On your tummy.” He flopped over. “Now give me 20.”

“Twenty what?” James asks.

I viciously slash his ear with my crop.

“Pushups.” I sat on his back. “Come on. No one wants a fat, lazy, stupid slave. Up-and-down. Up-and-down. How boring you are.”

I dismount and stand back, watching his muscles bulge as he bobs up and down. I maneuver myself behind him, his tight, muscular ass dipping up and down, slashing at him whenever his pace slackened.

“Head down,” I shout and stomp the back of one of his knees, forcing him into a classic doggy position. He falls into position. I yank his ass apart and spit on his hole. “Do you like your boy pussy to be fucked?”

I whisper, and plunge the handle of my riding crop deep inside him, roughly shoving it in and tugging it out roughly.

“Can I?” he asks me.

“No.” I say. But it is too late, his muscles are clenching and he can’t stop himself. His cock spatters goo all over my floor and his knees collapse. He belly flops into the cum puddle, his body heaving with pleasure and exhaustion.

I rip the handle out of his ass.

He gasps.

I walk around in front of him. He cringes but I can feel his gaze creeping up my thighs. I hold the shit covered handle in front of his face. “Lick it.” I say. “LICK IT.” He extends a pink worm toward it. I snag it between my nails and rub shit all over his face, mashing it into his nose.

“Stay there.” I say, retrieving my punishment cock, a fat, thick red dildo approximately the size and width of a large bratwurst. Its texture is most vicious: Hard plastic without even a hint of softness or give.

“Now bend over,” I say. I spit audibly onto the dildo.

He flips over. Well trained and no doubt expecting its bite. I cram the dripping dildo in, kick him over and press a final button, the best one of all. A chute opens beneath him and he tumbles, naked, shit-streaked, a crimson dildo protruding from his asshole into the busy street below.


By: Mistress Lola

      I was not angry nor was I seeking revenge. I was simply bored with the monotony of human existence, a caged animal trapped amidst concrete, stifled by pretentious expectations. Despite the disconcerting reality that capitalism turns most men into hamsters running the wheel, one does have choices; participation or non-conformity are both viable options. Choosing the latter, I retreated with one of my pets. The pitiful sub-human had no other purpose but to worship me. Typical paradox, another ladder climber worth nothing more than a stack of pig lard.

      I confined him to the kitchen floor from the first day. I would have exhibited more mercy, but the trifling maggot had requested it, as he felt better equipped to worship me if treated like a dog. “Fine shitstain” I thought. Purina Lamb and Rice became his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and he was to relieve himself in the yard and use the grass to clean his ass. I smothered his mobility and dignity with a metal chain around his neck and grimaced when I saw the erosion take place on his skin over time.

      He meant well but required some hard discipline to meet my standards. When he was bad, I caned him vigorously while he was down on all fours, making him quiver in pain with each hit. On one occasion he really pissed me off when I caught him stealing the juice from the refrigerator that he bought me. Livid, I blindfolded him so that he could not foresee the terrible punishment that was awaiting him. I angrily marched over to my closet, grabbed two wire hangers and twisted them together, snapping them in several places to make them jagged. When I approached him, I stroked his skin gently with my new weapon and watched him tremble in fear.

      I seductively stroked his face with my inner thigh and whispered in his ear “you thought you could escape me just this once…” I did not interrogate him this time. Silence, is sometimes far more frightening. Slowly, I circled around him like a lioness, caressing him softly with the twisted edge of my hanger. Ordering him to beckon down completely, face on the floor, I pounced on him firmly, grabbing his hair, and wrapped my hangers around his neck, creating a noose. I stood up, lifting my noose hanger from his head, and began scratching his back with my weapon’s jagged edges. I sped faster and faster and grinded harder and harder. He screeched in pain.

      As soon as the scratches swelled I struck with all my strength. One! Two! Three! Seven! Fifteen! His back bled, I lifted his blindfold and wiped the sweat off his forehead, slapped his cheek and spat on his face in disgust. Then, sweet mistress that I am, I took a dish sponge, drenched it in alcohol and squeezed it onto his back, giving it a nice rub. He arched back in agony, feeling the depth of every cut. He collapsed finally, and lay on his stomach, while I enjoyed my Marlborough and used him as an ashtray. “Physical pain, my sweet pet, is an essential part of human life. Your new wounds will heal, scar, and force you to remember how to conduct yourself with your mistress.” After this day, Maggot never fucked up again.

      Indeed, he had become superbly obedient and adherent to the rules I had set and we developed a pleasant morning routine. Every morning now, maggot looks forward to his treat as I grant him the pleasure of helping me wake. Waking me up is an arduous task that must be performed with careful discipline:

  • Task 1: Maggot runs my bath, with oils and soaps, a newspaper, and prepares my first cup of coffee
  • Task 2: With his hands behind his back, maggot cracks the door quietly and crawls into my room holding his chain firm so as not to disturb me improperly
  • Task 3: Maggot folds covers up from my heels to the small of my back, still without waking me, or touching me (any error here will receive several lashes)
  • Task 4: Wraps chain around his writs with arms folded behind his back, sits at the foot of my bed and stares at me as I refuse to awake. At this moment, he may unchain his wrists, opening the windows of my room to let the light and fresh air travel inside. Gently placing the coffee on my nightstand, he proceeds to kiss my beautiful feet, sucking each toe at a time. He used to get too excited by this and would stretch open his mouth, trying to pleasure himself by feeling my toes on his uvula. This was unacceptable for a morning suck and rub, so I whacked him in the jaw with my phone. He knows to exercise restraint now.

      I wake, ordering him to stop. If I’m feeling extra playful, I stand on his chest and let out a stream of hot morning piss. However, he only has the pleasure of feeling a golden splash on his face if he eases the tension out of my feet properly with Task 4.

      He grabs my robe, wraps it around me, and carries me to the bathroom. He is not allowed to feel the glory of my naked skin. As I bathe, he prepares my breakfast. This keeps me from thinking about maggot touching my food. The idea of him touching my food repulses me. He repulses me, so I make him clean himself with shampoo before coming in contact with me and require that he always keep his anus fresh. He serves me all my meals by crawling into my room while pushing the tray of food before him. This way, he remains below me at all times.

      At my leisure, I whip him, spit on him, tell him he is vile, and stick my boots up his ass. If his dick isn’t rock hard on command, I make him bend over like a little bitch, spread his ass cheeks and pant. Then I take my python snake and make him watch it slither all over me. Maggot worries when I do this but it makes him want to ejaculate. He is a terrified little pussy and hates snakes, but he loves when I force him to enjoy things. Sometimes I take my snake’s tail and let it slide deep into his asshole. Other times, I let the snake bite his nasty hairy ass, to the point of drawing blood if he substitutes his panting for screams.

      He does his best to keep me from climbing to those extremes, and he is most grateful for the opportunity to serve me. His obedience is rewarded with a little barefoot trampling, some tickling, and my warm genuine smile. Watching me dress is a privilege. I take my time doing it, sliding my stockings on slowly, and buttoning my corset with care. Next week, I will take maggot on an outing, if he continues behaving well. To be seen in public with me is his ultimate fantasy but as with everything else, it must be earned

The training of Slaves Walter and Michael

Written by:
Mistress Haley

Slave Walter awakes with a sharp pain in the testicles. He peers up to see me standing above him, my stiletto on his crotch, and begins to whimper. "Please m-m-m-Mistress, forgive me...... me.......... " he stammers. It's 9 am, and he's been sleeping on my kitchen floor, dressed in nothing but his frilly little maid's outfit.

"I thought I told you to have slave Michael out of his cage and making my breakfast by 9 am. Do you know what time it is?!" He tries to grasp at my dress, his hands rubbed raw from scrubbing the floor all night.

"Please, please," he begs, "I accidentally fell asleep, and....... it'll never happen again, my Mistress, and........"

"Shut your pathetic mouth! There is no excuse for you; you are a disgrace!" I scream. I stomp on his balls again, then drag him to his knees by his ear. "You miserable pile of shit, you vile, useless fat pig, you will be punished severely for this," I hiss acidly to him. "Not another word. Bring slave Michael a bucket of ice water to wash with, and let him out of his cage. Move your ass, stupid!"

"Yes, Mistress," he blubbers pathetically, and scurries out of the room. A few minutes later, he returns with slave Michael, who is naked, covered in goose bumps, his penis tiny as usual from his ice water bath. I point and laugh. "Well, at least you've amused me this morning, baby dick, but that's not getting you off the hook either. Make my coffee and breakfast now!!" "Yes, Mistress," he says, trembling, as he frantically gets out the pots and pans. "That's not all," I tell him. "I was going to reward the two of you with some nice turkey sandwiches. I've changed my mind."

"Oh, please give them to us, we had no supper last night," slave Walter whines.

"You have some nerve to complain!!" I scream, and kick his balls again, as he howls in pain. "Take out the sandwiches."

I let them salivate, as I languidly enjoy my meal. When I'm finished, I order them to take the meat from their sandwiches, and feed it to my cats. They all fill up contentedly and curl up for a nap, as the two idiots look on miserably, their stomachs growling." Good, and don't look so sad, at least you can still eat bread and lettuce." I spit on their food and shove it into their mouths.

"You should be grateful for that, you cunts! Walter, go and get me the collar and gravel." He rushes to obey me, and soon returns with an electric shock dog collar and remote, and a bag of gravel. "Dump out the gravel." He obeys, and watches in dismay, as all of his hard work polishing the floor is ruined by his own hands. I grab the collar, and wrap it around his balls.

"Now, kneel on the gravel." He's whimpering now, and I box his ears. "Move it, fatass!!!"

"Yes Mistress, yes Mistress," he sobs helplessly, as he kneels, and the granite begins to dig into his flesh. "From now on, your title will be 'Piss Face', and you, Michael, will be 'Dick Breath'."

"Why, Mistress?" slave Michael asks. I turn to him and twist his balls in my fist. "Did I ask you a fucking question, Dick Breath?"

"No, Mistress."

"Then shut the fuck up!!! You know what, I'll shut you up myself". I take out a big rubber cock, and shove it into his mouth, until he gags. "This is only the beginning of the meaning of your new name, mister twenty questions! Deep throat this cock, and hold yourself completely still, until I tell you to move, or you'll be sorry!" I spit into both of his eyes, and as it drips down his face, he dares not move. Then I turn back to Walter. "We're going to play a little game, Piss Face. I stand over him and tilt his head back. I piss all over his face first, and then the rest of his body, until he is completely soaked and dripping. "Everyone knows that liquid increases the flow of electricity, right?"

"Yes, but, oh please don't.......... my balls are so sore already....... have mercy!" He shrieks in pain, as I use the remote to shock his balls, again and again, laughing hysterically.

"Look at how your little cock shrivels up! It looks like a wrinkly Vienna sausage! Ha ha ha ha!" I point and double over in laughter. I continue to shock him, and each time I do, the gravel digs deeper into his knees, until he's bleeding. "Ok, that's enough."

"Oh, thank you, thank you," he sobs, kissing my feet. "Not so fast," I say mockingly. "I'm not finished with you. Dick Breath, take that cock out of your mouth, and shove it up Piss Face's ass, no lube. Now!!"

Dick Breath obeys and vigorously rapes Piss Face, as I go to strap on my hugest rubber cock. "Ok, Dick Breath, it's time to live up to your new title." His eyes bulge and his mouth gapes, as he stares at my enormous new appendage. Piss Face is crying now, and the cock Dick Breath is fucking him with is covered in blood and shit. "Oh, Piss Face, you're such a little baby! You want to cry? I'll give you something to cry about, pussy! Take it! Dick Breath, fuck him harder, and don't stop until I tell you!!"

Just then, the doorbell rings. It's Mistress Jasmine Flower, coming to visit at teatime. I tell her disdainfully, "I'm so sorry that I don't have our tea and shortcakes, but my slaves have been a bit of a problem today. One of them is crying like a baby, and it's getting on my nerves, that he just can't seem to take his punishment in stride."

"I have just the thing for him, if he's going to be such a little baby," she says, as she whips out a pretty pink bonnet and pacifier from her handbag.

"Perfect!" I exclaim. "He's the one kneeling, with the piss all over him."

"Oh, I'm so glad you have a toilet, I really have to pee. May I use it?" she asks.

" Mi casa es su casa." She squats over him and orders him to drink and be grateful for the privilege. He complies, which is wonderful to observe, because Dick Breath is still pounding his poor asshole. As he chokes down as much piss as he can, I continue to shock him for missing multiple drops of pee. I tell him he is a pathetic, miserable failure, and he begs for my forgiveness. I tell him, "Don't beg me, beg Jasmine, because you have failed her as well."

"Oh please forgive me, Mistress Jasmine, I'll do a perfect job next time!" I tell him that this time, Dick Breath is going to take his punishment for him, and to get out of my sight, because if I have to look at him for another second, I'm going to vomit all over him. He hobbles away, bowlegged, but not before I order him to fetch a foot long dildo with rubber balls, for Jasmine to play with.

"Dick Breath, you look a little too relieved. Did you really think I was finished with you?" He begins to blubber and whine, which agitates both Jasmine and I. "Take that shit and blood covered cock that you were fucking Piss Face with, and slap yourself across the face with it, onto both of your cheeks!!" He complies reluctantly, smearing repulsive bodily fluids all over himself, but too afraid to disobey. He starts to cry and tries not to gag. "Oh, you want to complain, do you??!! Cry like a baby?? That's it! Fuck yourself in the face with that cock, you little fag, and tell us you love it!"

"I love it, I love it, Mistresses'" he blubbers, gagging some more. Jasmine puts the bonnet on him and shoves the pacifier into his mouth. She tells him he's the ugliest baby she's ever seen, but if he whines like a baby and can't take his punishment, then that's what he deserves, and nothing less.I saunter over and yank out his pacifier, quickly replacing it with my big strap on dick. I fuck his face, and tell him that this is what a real dick feels like, not the sad little breakfast link hanging uselessly between his legs. He remembers what I did to Piss Face, and dares not answer back. Jasmine has fun beating him in the face with her cock, and we alternate, until we are sore from all the laughing.

Then I tell him they are both going to get the mechanical wedgie. We have fun putting them in panties, then attaching them to the suspension pole, with chains and hooks attached to the panties. As the suspension lifts them off the floor, their panties hold strong, and they wail miserably.

Piss Face and Dick Breath then spend the remainder of the evening in this position, as we enjoy our teatime and reminisce..........


Written by:

“How much longer?”

The doctor scratched his nose. “He is almost ready, Comrade Captain,” he said in his nervous voice. As well he might be, she thought, considering what she had on him. But then, if they were found out, having this procedure done on the prisoner was not likely to prove a wise career move for her either. She looked through the glass at the handcuffed, naked male in the chair, with large earphones over his head and goggles over his eyes. His head hung limp, slightly to the side. Wires attached to various points of his body monitored his life signs, but Victoria was only interested in one of the displays. As it approached a steady, pulsing zero, she smiled tightly to herself.

The doctor shifted behind her, approaching her unmoving form. She could feel his arousal through the air. Pig, she thought.

“I don’t know why I do these things for you,” he said huskily, as his hand approached hers on the counter. “You know-“

“You do it because I tell you to,” she said coldly. “And if you didn’t, with the information I’ve got on you, you’d be shit in Siberian snow.” He winced, physically recoiling from the force of her rejection. Taking a last look at the man in the chair, she turned to the doctor.

“I expect him to function as the other did. Perfectly. No mistakes. Is that clear, Comrade Doctor?”

“Yes, Comrade Captain. Do not worry; everything in the programming was –“

“Good,” she cut him off again. “Because, if there are any problems, your account in Zurich will come to the attention of my superiors. And then, I expect Siberia will be the least of your problems.”

The doctor visibly swallowed. “I understand, Comrade Captain.” He managed weakly.

“Very well,” She said with a nod. “Good day, Comrade. I will be leaving with him shortly.”

The doctor mumbled out a greeting that she barely noticed as she turned to look back at her former enemy. Smiling, she thought about his arrest and capture, about how long he had held out, his strong spirit under duress. But slowly, after months of captivity, he lost hope, and his will had crumbled. After he had given the KGB officers everything they could get, he was scheduled for execution. It was an easy thing for her to alter the paperwork to send him here instead; as far as the Party was concerned, the enemy of the People was dead, and Captain Victoria Sapphire a Hero of the Soviet Union for arranging his capture. But Victoria had other ideas. This spy was hers – she had caught him, and she wanted to keep him.

She entered the sterile operating room, her boots making a dull thud across the floor as she approached her prisoner. Silently, she stood in front of him for a moment, looking down at his nude form and thinking back to the personnel file. 28 years old, from New Rochelle, New York, entered the CIA immediately after graduating Yale, one of the biggest producers of capitalist pigs. He would not remember much of that life now, she reminded herself as she began to remove the electrodes from his chest, only that it was full of decadence, growing fat off the imperialism on the West. He had been re-educated to understand a new philosophy, one not exactly written by Marx, but with his help, by Victoria herself.

Working slowly, she removed the headphones from his ears, and finally, the goggles from his eyes. They were dilated from the training; he looked like someone who had just been in an accident and was suffering from shock. Appropriate, she thought with a smile: his life had undergone a major change, both mentally and physically in the last ten months. Had it been enough time? She wondered. His body, while still healthy and somewhat strong, no longer had its swimmer’s physique, and probably much of his intelligence did not survive the process. But, there was only one way to find out. Leaning down, she spoke softly in his ear:

“State your identification.”

His unblinking eyes did not even move. “Prisoner 8491, Lubyanka People’s Detention Center,” he answered in flawless, if hoarse, Russian. So far so good, she thought.

“Why are you here?” It was not exactly correct, they were not at the KGB prison, but for the purposes of this exercise, she had to act like they still were.

“Because I am a fascist criminal who has perpetrated crimes against the proletariat.” His eyes still showed a daze, but his voice was beginning to take on some life. Good, she thought, he is coming around fast. She reached for the cuffs which held him to the chair and released them. Then she stepped back and stood in front of him.

“Stand at attention, 8491!” She barked forcefully. The naked prisoner stood immediately, his eyes now frightened, but not appearing to see her.

“Prisoner 8491,” She said in a formal tone, “for your cooperation with the representatives of the proletariat and earnest attempts for make amends for your crimes against the people, the central committee has granted you a special parole. You will be allowed to leave the prison under the following conditions: You will be paroled into the custody of a parole warden. Your parole warden will be responsible for your continued rehabilitation. You will obey your parole warden’s orders immediately and without question. You will carry out all of your parole warden’s instructions, without exception. Any disobedience to your parole warden will be seen by the central committee as a manifestation of your criminal tendencies and will be considered a violation of parole. Is this clear, Prisoner 8491?”

“Yes,” the prisoner gasped, overjoyed to be so fortunate.

“Very well. I am your parole warden. Look at me!”

His eyes found her, and he looked at her for the first time since she walked into the room. The expression in his eyes was one of awe, fear, and adoration, an expression she had expected, and relished. The programming had included photographs of her in various uniforms, towering over the viewer, imperious, cold, and beautiful.

“I am Captain Victoria Sapphire. You will address me as ‘Comrade Captain’. I am an intelligence officer who serves the people of the proletariat. From this moment on, you are under my orders. Do you understand me?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said immediately, his worshipping eyes never leaving hers.

“Your parole will be spent in my service. As a warrior for the proletariat, I have many responsibilities, and require attendants to serve me. You will continue to atone for your crimes by serving me. Through service to me, you will serve the proletariat. Failure to serve well will constitute a violation of your parole. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said again, obviously eager to please his new commander. Excellent, she thought, another one under my thumb.

She dropped a small satchel on the floor. “There are clothes inside,” she said. “Dress, and be ready to leave when I return.” Turning on her heel, she strode out of the room before she burst out laughing.

Five minutes later, her amusement relieved, she took one step back into the room, remaining at the door, and looked him over. He was standing where she left him, dressed in the Red Army sweat gear, which apparently did not fit him as well as she expected it to. Must be the weight, she thought, he’s dropped over ten kilos since capture.

He turned toward her as she entered, the satchel slung over his right shoulder, and waited in a respectful silence for her to speak. Inwardly, she smiled. Exactly the proper attitude. “Follow me,” she said curtly, and, turning from the entrance walked down the corridor.

She could hear him scramble through the door and run to catch up with her long, confident stride. When she heard him following one pace behind her and slightly to her left, she spoke again:

“There are identification papers in the satchel. Did you see them?”

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said immediately.

“Good. They are your new identity. You will accustom yourself to that name when outside my home. You will answer to that name at all times when in public. However, when I speak to you in private, you will simply be 8491 or ‘prisoner’. Or whatever else I feel like calling you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said uncertainly, but it was clear that he did not. She continued a few more steps in silence, daring him to ask a question. But when he did not, she decided to give him an explanation, out of pity.

“We do not need to let all the people know that you were a fascist criminal,” she explained patiently, as they reached the door and walked out into the overcast Odessa afternoon. “It is for your own protection that we do this.”

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said, confidently this time. “Thank you, Comrade Captain.”

Victoria smiled as she reached her car. It was an old BMW, a gift from her uncle. Unlocking the door, she pushed the seat forward. “In,” she said, and felt something stir inside her as she watched her former enemy scramble to obey her single word. Sliding the seat back, she got in and started the car. Turning in her seat, she looked at him with a disdainful expression until his content expression faltered into uncertainty, and fear. “Sit on the floor.”

He slid out of the seat meekly and squeezed to the floor, looking up fearfully.

“Wrists up!” His arms spasmed upward towards her, together. She pulled a pair of handcuffs out of her pocket and restrained him, pushing his arms around the island between the driver and passenger seats.

“I want to review, before we leave the prison grounds, the terms of your parole, to make sure that we understand each other. Understood?”

“Yes, Comrade Captain,” he stammered fearfully, the once-proud intelligence agent nowhere to be seen. “What are the conditions of your parole?” “That I will obey the orders of my parole warden immediately and without question, and carry out all of her instructions without exception. Any failure to obey will be considered a violation of parole.” He recited the litany, and she began to feel a familiar moisture between her thighs. “And who is your parole warden?” “Y-you are, Comrade Captain,” he stammered uncertainly, as if not quite understanding the question. She smiled slightly as she drew her Makarov pistol from its holster. It was not loaded, but he didn’t need to know that. “I will rephrase the question: Exactly Who, and What, am I?” “You are Captain Victoria Sapphire, an intelligence officer and a warrior in the service of the proletariat.” The answer came with more confidence this time, although the gun had the desired effect. Unable to take his eyes from hers, he nonetheless flinched as she caressed his restricted arms with it. “You are my parole warden; my parole will be spent in your service. In serving you, I serve the proletariat.” “And are you prepared to obey me?”

She asked softly, holding the gun to his temple as she grabbed his shirt with her other hand. “Yes, Comrade Captain,” He splurted immediately, obviously frightened. She wanted him frightened, but that wasn’t all she wanted. Reaching down, she grasped his crotch and squeezed. He gasped, and she brought her lips forward to his ear, whispering: “Are you prepared to obey every command I give you, immediately and without question? Answer me, you pig!” She squeezed harder, feeling him suddenly expanding. “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he exclaimed, “yes, I will obey! Please, I will obey!” She released him and pulled away, regarding his gasping form on the floor of her car.

A surge of victory, of absolute triumph, flowed through her. Breathing deeply, she composed herself, steeling her hands to her waist and away from her sex. Later, she thought, at the dacha. After a moment of silence, she spoke: “Take the identity packet from the satchel and study it,” she said, turning to the wheel. “I will be questioning you on it shortly.” She gave him an hour to study his new identity, and then spent another hour grilling him to see how well he was learning it. Sometimes, the training affected higher brain function, and she wondered if any of his university-level intelligence remained. Not that it really mattered. For the rest of his life, he would be a domestic servant, not an intelligence officer of a western nation. As long as he could still learn basic information, she was satisfied. He seemed to learn the information well enough, in any event. He was from a proletarian family near Odessa; went to secondary school there, lost his parents to a car accident, went off to the army, did his mandatory time, and now was working as a caretaker to a dacha outside Odessa. He had no family or close friends, and liked to read in his spare time. One more Russian like any of a hundred million others; nothing to arouse any suspicion.

While he could not remember his birthday or favorite writer without some prodding, he could probably pass himself off on the odd times when he needed to, while getting groceries or laundry. After two hours of driving, satisfied that he was learning, she turned the BMW toward the dacha. Her uncle, a member of the Central Committee, had put his private Black Sea beach house at her disposal, seeing how she was stationed down here ‘indefinitely’. They both knew that meant as long as she wanted to be there; she was the jewel of her uncle’s eye. While it may have offended the decorum of some officers, they knew enough not to say anything about it. And besides, 'the Sapphire,' as she was known, did her job well, they would grudgingly admit. She’d taken down those two spies; alive, no less, as well as their entire operations.

Somebody who could work that well deserved some perks. Victoria parked the car in the driveway and turned off the ignition. Opening the car door, she stood and stretched out her long, ballet-trained legs. Uncle had seen to everything for her: ballet, the best schools, trips to the west, a commission, a dacha on the Black Sea. Turning to the car, she looked at her new servant. He had not moved from the floor, but he had used the time of her musings to gather his satchel and wait for her orders. He was now looking up at her, expectantly, adoringly. “Out.” He scrambled out of the car and stood before her. “Go close and lock the gate,” she ordered, pointing to the end of the driveway. The two-meter fence would keep unwelcome eyes passing on the road from witnessing anything else. “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he answered immediately, and took off at a sprint for the gate. After closing it and securing it with the lock, he turned and made to run back. “HALT!” He froze in mid-stride, immediately coming to attention. Now, she thought, the test begins. “Kneel!” He seemed to hesitate for a moment, and she caught him. “KNEEL!” She screamed, knowing that no one could hear her: the next house was a kilometer away. He dropped to his knees, and even at a distance she could see the terror in his eyes. Would this be considered a parole violation? Would he be going back to prison? Would he be shot? She let the suspense drag on for a few seconds, relishing his torment. “Crawl here!” She pointed to a point before her boots. He began to crawl on all fours, like a dog, as quickly as he could, ten meters to her. The handcuffs made it difficult for him, and she had to struggle not to laugh. When he reached her, his head was down, afraid to look up. “Did you hesitate to obey me?” She made her voice deadly, as she slowly pulled the empty Makarov from its holster. He shuddered. “N-no, Comrade Captain,” he began, “I could not understand-“ “Could not understand?!?” She roared. “What part of ‘kneel’ was too difficult to understand?” Prisoner 8491, did you hesitate to obey?!?”

“Y-y-yes, Comrade Captain,” he quivered, looking up at her fearfully. “Comrade Captain,-“ “SILENCE!” She screamed again, whipping the pistol across the side of his head. He fell over with a cry of pain, and she kicked him in his exposed side. He cried again, and began to sob with pain and fear. “Get up, on your knees! Face me!” She barked, and he struggled to get to his knees in front of her feet. “Shut up, pig!” she said with disgust. “Stop your blubbering!” “Y-yes, Comrade C-Captain,” he sputtered, blood dripping from the side of his head. His whimpering fell silent, and nothing could be heard but the wailing of the gulls and the waves on the nearby shore. “You have admitted to violation of your parole.” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” the meek form before her whispered, unmoving in its pain and humiliation. “As your parole warden, your punishment is a matter solely for me to determine.” “Yes, Comrade Captain.” She sighed dramatically. “I do not especially care what happens to you, 8491; I have duties other than being your warden. But it would be unprofessional for me to make a decision that could cost you your life while I am this irritated.” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he breathed, “Thank you, Comrade Captain.” His body, almost by itself, began to lean forward, and his forehead found its way to the earth directly before her boot. Good, she though, he gets the idea. “Do not thank me yet,” Victoria warned, “I am tired, and I wish to eat. Your hearing will be later this evening.” She stretched. “Go around the dacha. There will be a wooden staircase. Mount it, and wait on the porch. Prepare what defense you think you can for your actions.

I will let you know when I am ready to proceed. Go.” “Yes, Comrade Captain.” She watched as he crawled away, pleased: She had not given him permission to stand. Smiling, she walked to the door, where she was expected. “Good evening, Comrade Captain,” the red-haired woman said politely, curtseying as Victoria walked in the door. She continued speaking as she took Victoria’s cap and overcoat. “I have your supper prepared; it will be ready when you order. There is a vodka waiting for you in your study, and today’s Pravda, and your new Chekhov.” “Very well, Gretchen,” she said to the servant, beginning to remove her uniform blouse before she thought better of it. She would leave it on for the ‘hearing’. Right now, she only wanted a drink. Well, not only a drink, she thought, looking at Gretchen’s back as she walked back to the kitchen. This one had been a British spy, and Victoria’s first capture. After seeing her fiery resistance, her determination not to break, Victoria had decided that, once KGB was done with her, she would have her. She had never had any feelings for women before, but she wanted to see this stubborn young woman crawl to her, see her beg for her mercy, humiliate herself to win her favor. The housemaid wore a black cotton uniform that rode high on her hips and fit her snugly; a good thing, considering how she thin and frail she had been when Victoria faked her death four years earlier. Since that time, she had been Victoria’s devoted servant; another ‘parolee’, working off her crimes. “Gretchen,” she said as she undid her belt, “come into the study.” In a moment, the housemaid appeared. “Yes, Comrade Captain?” “Lick,” With one word, the maid scurried across the room, dropped to her knees, and buried her face in her mistress’ sex. Always obedient, the little wench lashed at Victoria's clitoris, pulsing and lathing as she’d been trained, drinking in the arousal she’d stifled for hours in the car.

Grabbing her hair, she forced the redhead’s face deeper as she gasped for breath, moaning with the approaching storm. More and more, harder and harder, until she finally came like a hurricane, clenching her teeth to stifle a scream. Spent, she fell back in the chair, breathing deeply. For several seconds, that was the only sound in the house; just the panting breath of two women. After an eon, Victoria spoke: “I’ll have dinner in ten minutes,” she said softly, pushing the slave away with her foot. “Go and bring it to the dining room.” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” she said, composing herself as a proper servant, and scurrying from the room. The sun was setting behind the hills, and the sea was burning with an orange glow. It shone through the window behind Victoria as she inspected herself in the mirror. Adjusting her cap on her head, she wondered, as she looked herself over, why she was going through all this trouble. After all, she thought, he’s only a prisoner; I don’t need to get dressed up for him. But you want to, don’t you? The answering thought came immediately. It is fun to play with him like this, isn’t it? “Yes,” she told her reflection, smiling. It was fun to see this once proud spy crawling around her uncle’s dacha, waiting for her to finish eating and having sex, terrified of her decision. She had truly loved playing with Gretchen this way, years earlier, but as time went by and Gretchen became a better and better servant, there was little reason for such games. To truly have a prisoner all to herself, completely hers, quaking with terror, was a thrill she had missed immensely. “Excuse me, Comrade Captain?” Gretchen asked from the floor. She was polishing the dust off her mistress’ high-heeled boots with a damp rag. Not uniform issue, perhaps, Victoria thought, but I wasn’t planning on going to the office in them. Thinking that she was spoken to, Gretchen had stopped and looked up at Victoria, questioningly. “Nothing, Gretchen; I was speaking to myself.” She was tempted to feign irritation with the maid for speaking out of turn, but decided against it. There was more fun waiting out on the porch. “That will do, Gretchen,” She said. “Go downstairs and tell the prisoner to be on his feet when I come out.”

“Yes, Comrade Captain.” Gretchen rose gracefully from her knees and bowed to her mistress slightly while clicking the heels of her own, similar boots. She was wearing a ‘uniform’ now as well, that of a Red Army Corporal. For those times when Victoria wanted an orderly in public, or just when it amused her, she had the little spy fitted with the appropriate uniforms. Executing a perfect about-face, Corporal Gretchen marched around the bed and out of the room. After finishing her vodka and waiting a few minutes to add drama to the scene, Victoria strode across the kitchen toward the patio door, listening to her heels click on the tiles. She looked magnificent, she knew, but the worshipful look in Gretchen’s eyes reaffirmed it for her. Nodding to Gretchen, the maid pulled the sliding door to the patio open, and Victoria stepped out onto the veranda. As she had ordered, the prisoner was standing at attention, still handcuffed, still wearing the Red Army sweat suit she had given him at the hospital. The blood had dried on his cheek, and he had made some attempt to clean himself up, but Victoria could see he had been crying within the last three hours. Sitting alone with no one to share your fears with as your betters decide your fate must be an awful feeling, she mused as she walked to the large seat Gretchen had set out. Seating herself regally, she turned to regard her victim. Examining him coldly for several seconds, Victoria turned to Gretchen, who had taken a position at the door. “Comrade Corporal?” Gretchen snapped to attention. “Yes, Comrade Captain!” She barked. “Release the prisoner’s cuffs,” she ordered. “Yes, Comrade Captain!” Gretchen moved smartly to the captive, roughly grabbed him by the forearm, and, pulling his wrists up, she produced a key. Unlocking the cuffs, she stowed them on her belt, and stepped back. The prisoner looked or a moment as if he would thank her, but Gretchen’s withering glare warned him to silence. “Prisoner 8491,” Victoria began calmly, “you are accused of violating your special parole, granted to you today by the Central Committee for your past cooperation with the forces of the proletariat. Specifically, you failed to immediately execute an order given to you by your parole warden. Do you understand the nature of the charges against you?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said quietly, the voice of a man resigned to his fate. That would not do. “SPEAK SO THAT THE COURT CAN HEAR YOU, PRISONER!” She shouted. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CHARGES AGAINST YOU?!?” “Yes, Comrade Captain!” He yelped, now frightened again. “Do you have any defense to offer for your actions?” Her voice was like knives; their edge cut him, she could see. “Y-yes, Comrade Captain,” he stuttered. Victoria looked at him long and hard, as if to ask what possible defense do you think you could offer?

But she merely said, “Proceed.” Visibly trying to compose himself before a woman he obviously both feared and found incredibly attractive, he began to speak. “C-Comrade Captain, when you ordered me to kneel…I wasn’t trying to be disobedient, but the command took me off guard, and I was not certain that I heard you correctly…and so I hesitated…and…i…” His voice trailed off as he saw her disgust. Leaving him there in silent fear for a count of five, Victoria spoke. “You knew what I said?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he began, ‘but-“ “But it seemed like an odd command?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said eagerly, “and so I was-” “When you agreed to your parole, you agreed to obey all of you warden’s commands, did you not?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said, “but-” “All of the commands?” She inquired sarcastically, “or just the ones that don’t sound odd?” His expression faltered. “Comrade-” “In truth, you thought, that as in a socialist society, you did not have to kneel to anyone? That our socialist fraternity made all equal; none slaves?” He was confused now, she could see, almost certainly this was not what had been going through his mind, but the explanation seemed to make sense to him, he was accepting it, and so she struck. “But YOU,” she shouted, “You are a fascist criminal, aren’t you? You are not a member of the proletariat, are you? Why should you not kneel?!?” Victoria spat with contempt. “You are an imperialist thug; even now, unworthy of the soldier’s clothing you wear.” She pointed at him. “Do you see his clothing, Comrade Corporal? Does it not offend you that this criminal wears that uniform?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” she answered, glaring at the prisoner from her guard position. Victoria turned back to her quaking victim. “It disgusts me that I gave you that uniform to clothe yourself. Remove it!” Startled, he quickly began to tear the sweater off himself, then the running shoes and pants. In a moment, he stood before her, once again naked, now terrified and humiliated. On cue, Gretchen turned on the porch floodlight perched above the door. Victoria looked at him, hiding the amusement as approval. “That is the type of obedience I expected of you,” she said, watching his reaction closely. As if encouraged, he began to brighten, but she sighed. “What an unfortunate waste that it comes too late.” Terror flooded his eyes, and he began to cry.

“Prisoner 8491,” she said blandly, as if she no longer cared, “you have violated your special parole, generously granted by the central committee. As you have admitted your guilt, I must sentence you to immediate summary-” “Please, Comrade Captain,” he begged, falling to his knees, “Please have mercy! I want to make amends for my failures! Please, Comrade Captain...” She silenced him with an upraised hand. “You wish to beg for your life?” “YES, Comrade Captain,” he howled, “yes, please, I-” “Do I understand you to say you wish to petition me to spare your life, to serve me?” “Yes, Comrade Captain,” he said desperately, “please, I want to...” he stopped, seeing something in her expression that seemed expectant. Not sure what to do, his mind raced furiously… And then, he knew. Looking into her eyes, without any command, her former enemy threw himself to the floor before her boots, unmoving. Victoria's heart raced. “Now,” She said calmly, masking her excitement, “you may make your petition.” As the one-time CIA agent begged, Victoria felt the power of her victory rush through her body, pulsing through her like a fever. She sent Gretchen inside to fetch another vodka as she sat regally, listening as the wretch before her groveled. He swore the oath Gretchen had, to serve Captain Victoria Sapphire loyally and faithfully for as long as he lived. And as she commanded him to seal his vows by kissing her boots, her body trembled with pleasure. Now, she thought, the real fun begins, as she nodded to Gretchen, who smiled at her mistress and reached down into a well-placed basket on the porch. "So," she said casually to the bowing form before her, "We shall begin with a small test of your commitment." The prisoner looked up at her, eager to prove himself. She pointed lazily at the maid-soldier and said, "Face the Corporal."

Turning quickly, she could hear the low gasp escape from his lips as he saw the large rubber phallus protruding from Gretchen's pelvis. "Crawl to her," she commanded, smiling tightly, feeling the anticipation rising. He started crawling, slowly at first, but then, as if realizing what was at stake, quickly moved to the maid's feet. He froze there, afraid to look up. "Now," she said sternly, "lubricate her weapon." There was no hesitation now. He knew what was coming, but he also knew that no resistance or pleading would change it. All he could do was accept his orders, quickly and obediently, and hope it would spare his life. He began sucking the large, black cock, gagging himself on its girth, humiliated as his own began to bulge. Interesting, Victoria thought as she began to unzip her latex trousers, perhaps Freud was right about something after all. After several minutes of listening to him suck furiously, she had had enough. At the snap of her fingers, he stopped, looking back over his shoulder at her in terror. Pointing at her boots, he crawled frantically back to her, throwing his face at her feet and kissing the toes of the boots. "Now, 8491," she said, grabbing him by the hair, "we are going to see what you are useful for." She motioned to Gretchen, who walked up slowly and dropped to her knees behind him. Spreading her legs slowly, Victoria leaned down to her new slave and spoke in his ear. "You are going to start licking, while the corporal takes some enjoyment from you for herself. You will not stop licking, no matter what the corporal may do to you, until I order it. Do you understand?" she asked, as Gretchen, lost in her role, began to fondle his ass and take her position, her phallus touching his vulnerable opening. "Yes, Comrade Captain," he said, his voice a mingling of fear and lust. "Very well," Victoria said, leaning back in the chair, her sex open and inviting. "You may begin."--

Barn Bitch

Written by:
Mistress Denna

I awake as the faint chimes of my alarm clock begin to toll louder and louder. As always, my slave is kneeling on the plastic floor of his dog crate in the corner, eyes cast down eagerly awaiting my morning commands and a chance to please me. He wears the harness I use to keep a plug firmly inserted in his ass and a locked chastity device - this is always his outfit for times when my attention is not on him, to remind him that his attention must always be on pleasing me. He is also wearing his locked collar, which is never removed. I take my time waking up - I've always loved to savor the comfort of my bed before getting up. Finally I get up and unlock my slave's cage. "You may come out, slut." I watch as he crawls out, then walk to the bathroom, my slave crawling behind me, knowing his place. I order my slave to sit with his back to the toilet and lean back so his head is hanging over the edge. I step over him, facing his feet, lift my nightgown. "Don't you dare swallow" I tell him, and begin to pee directly into his mouth. I relieve myself until the liquid is running out of his mouth and splashing on the toilet seat. My slave loves to be humiliated and used, and I can see his cock straining hard against the chastity device he wears. When the last drops have dripped onto his face, I walk to the sink and leave him sitting there while I brush my teeth and perform my skincare routine. I return to him, standing over him with my legs on either side of his prone body, and pinch his nose shut, enjoying the look on his face as he struggles against the panic of being unable to breathe, trying desperately not to violate my command to not swallow. I don't let up, watching his face begin to color. In a futile attempt to fight me, he starts to lift his hands from the floor in protest - I quickly step on them and pin them down. Finally, when I begin to bore of this and consider that he will be unable to serve me further this morning if I choke him to passing out, I release my hold on his nose and let him suck in greedy breaths of air. "Swallow it, boy." I watch as he swallows my piss, then grab him by the collar and yank him off the toilet. I shove his head down next to the seat again, and make him beg me to be allowed to lick up the drops which splashed onto the seat. I order him to make himself useful and run me an extra hot bath and come find me when he has done this.

When my slave finds me, I am standing in the room which I use to store his various outfits and extra restraints. He comes to stand next to me and I silently remove the chastity device, harness, and plug which he wears at night. I tell him that I have special plans today, in honor of it being such an exceptionally beautiful spring day after many days of rain. I nod to a pile of clothing awaiting him - as part of this celebration, he is to dress in the pastel lemon lace thong and bra set and matching sundress with a pair of mary jane shoes. The thong, as always, is much too small. I like for it to ride up uncomfortably and chafe all day to remind my slave of it's presence. Next I tell him to prepare my riding habit while I bathe, as a trip to the stables is the other part of today's spring festivities.

I take a long bath and get out, dry off, and enter my room. My slave sits on the floor next to my vanity, where my riding clothes lay waiting. I dress, knowing it pains him to watch me do so, to be so close to my beautiful body, smelling wonderfully after my bath, unable to touch me and so often denied sexual release. I allow my slave the honor of assisting me in putting my riding boots on as he has been so good in ensuring that they are buffed and polished to a beautiful shine.

Next we have breakfast. I prefer to cook for myself, as I find it relaxing. Occasionally I will feed my slave whatever scraps I don't finish, when he has been good, but today I have a lot of work planned for him and know he will need lots of protein. I use a can opener to cut the lid from a can of wet turkey & giblets cat food, but do not remove the top. I put it on the floor and tell my slave he is to eat it all, as he will need his strength today, but may not use his hands. I laugh as I watch him trying to get the lid out in vain, with the can only scooting across the floor with each attempt. At last he pins it to the island and manages to get the lid out, whimpering in the process as the edge scrapes his tongue. I sit down and eat my breakfast, bacon and fried eggs with blue cheese and avocado on a toasted roll. We leave for the barn next. My slave drives me. I force him to go through the cash only line of the tolls, even though we have EZpass, so the toll worker will see my bitch in his cute yellow sundress and collar. The farm I go to is very small, owned by a friend who shares my lifestyle. I tell my slave that while we are here he is only one of the animals, and he must remain on all fours. I get my saddle from the trunk and put it on his back, and have him crawl behind me and wait outside the stall of my favorite horse there. I return with some things from the tack room, including a servitude gag with a pitchfork attachment which I put on my slave. I tell him to continue to stay there as my saddle rack and work on getting my horse ready. While I am working on this, my friend shows up and I leave the stall to talk with her. I tell my slave that he is to be mucking stalls today for her, and while I am enjoying myself he must be very useful to her to repay her for the kindness of allowing me to ride her horse. I tell him that this means that because of this, by pleasing her he will be pleasing me, and so I expect full enthusiasm from him. I tell my friend not to hesitate to punish him if he acts like a brat or gets lazy.

I take my time enjoying my ride in the fields, for while it is quite muddy from recent rains, there isn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature is perfect. When I return and lead my horse into the barn, I find my slave walking behind my friend, the business end of a riding crop sticking out of his reddened ass. I laugh at the sight and inquire as to what happened. My friend tells me she just thought my bitch looked like he needed a bit more motivation and provided it, with both ends of the riding crop. I nod and tell her I quite agree that a little extra motivation never hurts.

I care for my horse and ungag the slave. He follows me to the car, knowing he must remain crawling until I say otherwise, even though the parking lot is made of gravel and sure to be smarting. I open the back door and sit sideways in the car, my feet still outside of it. I tell my slave it just won't do for my beautiful boots to be covered in mud and horse shit from the field and stalls, and certainly not for it to get my car interior soiled! I order him to lick the boots perfectly clean, sole and all. When he has finished this to my satisfaction, I tell him he is now allowed to stand and drive me home.

When we arrive back at my house, my slave gets out and opens my car door for me. He heads for the front door, walking in and holding it open for me to enter. I am most of the way through the door when he lets go. The door hits my shoulder in a glancing blow, and I turn slowly to look at my slave. He looks horrified and begins to stammer.

Displeased with him, I kick him hard, sending him rolling onto his side. I bend over and grab him by the hair and proceed to drag his squirming body into another room so quickly he's unable to get his limbs under himself properly and crawl, instead just flailing in a pathetic attempt to get up and lessen the pressure pulling at his scalp. I stop in front of the wall I have equipped with hooks and shackles at all levels, my slave on his knees next to me. I use my foot to push his face forcefully into the ground, letting my heel dig in. "Don't even think about moving, you pathetic piece of shit." I grab some supplies off my shelves, and return, grabbing him by the neck and digging in with my nails, yanking him to an upright position on his knees again.

Next I cuff his hands and suspend them above his head by a chain running from the cieling. I grab a knife and cut and rip his clothes off. I kick his knees far apart and begin attaching ball stretchers to him, smiling slightly as I hear him suck in breath quickly in discomfort. Next I put a wire cock trap on him, one too small for his dick, especially with him as obviously excited as he is, not concerning myself with how the wire ends scratch at him as I force it on. I stand up and watch him for a minute, admiring the quick reddening of his cock at such mistreatment. Noticing my slave is starting to look relieved that this is all the punishment he will undergo, I backhand him and quickly resume my plan. I order him to get into a squatting position and hook the ring on his ball stretcher to the floor. Next I run a chain from the cock trap to a hook on the wall behind and above him. I pull all the chains hooked to him tight, causing pressure to his shoulders and wrists, cock, and balls. If he should try to move any direction to relieve the pain of one location, it only intensifies the pain of others.

A look which alternates between despair and resignation comes into his eyes. He knows his leg muscles will soon suffer from fatigue and make the experience nearly unbearable. I grab him by the face, leaning over to look him in the eyes. "You have been my bitch for long enough to know better, I should not be having to waste my precious time to remind you of old lessons."

"Yes, Mistress, I am very sorry."

A look of fury comes over me, and I spit in his face. "I did not ask you to say a word, worm. You will be even sorrier, now. You will positively burn with pain and shame for what you have done." I attach weighted clamps to his nipples and leave. While I am gone I get cleaned up, and change from my riding clothes into my favorite dress, stockings, and strappy high heels. After a while I return and inquire as to whether my slave is sorry yet for being so naughty and disappointing me. He fights to hold back tears and tells me how very sorry he is. He promises never to misbehave like that again. "Oh, so you've had enough punishment then, have you?" He nods, crying, begs me to release him, telling me he cannot bear the pain any longer and besides he is dying to use the restroom. I laugh at how pathetic he is, shaking with fatigue and pain and crying, stupidly begging like it could ever move me to mercy.

I remind him that it is only I who knows when he has repented enough and only I who says when he will get to eat, sleep, or use the toilet, that he is much too stupid and weak and powerless to be capable of deciding. I so love to taunt him. I leave him for a period of time again. I return as the sun is going down and stand in front of him. He barely finds the strength to even look up at me. I remind him that he knows it is his duty to thank me now for his thorough punishment, and wait until he has repeated the exact words of thanks I prescribe to signal the end of his torture. I release him from all of the implements and ask him to follow me.

I am at this point tired. I have my slave make dinner for me, and allow him to eat the heels of the loaf of bread and a glass of milk which is beginning to smell sour while I dine. After dinner, I inform my slave that because he served me so well at the stables and because he has been punished enough for his error, he will have a chance to prove his renewed devotion to my happiness by worshipping my body- tonight I expect a foot massage and queening. I of course take this opportunity to practice some more breath control and test that he does not dare to resist me at all and has truly been thoroughly punished - I do not tie him down in any way, but he does not squirm or think to lift a hand when I smother him and take away his ability to breathe. When I am satisfied and well ready for sleep, I dress my slave again in his nightly wear and lock him in his cage.

My Diary : Day One

Written by:
Mistress Ava

As I awake in the morning, it is early, about 8:30 in the morning. I am awoken to find my slave donned in nothing more than the uniform I had placed out for him to wear the night before; tight boy shorts 4 sizes too small for his pathetic frame. They are so tight, clenching his ball sack, which have already begun to turn a beautiful shade of purple. He is holding my breakfast; fresh orange juice, coffee, eggs, toast and turkey bacon. As demanded, he has his own tray which is already set down on the floor at the foot of my bed. Upon his tray lie the residuals from my morning's feast; the peels of the oranges used for my orange juice, the coffee filter with wet grinds, eggshells, the crumbs from the bottom of the toaster,and the grease from my bacon. This is his meal. He sets my tray on my lap, not daring to even look me in the face. Standing there while I devour my meal, hands crossed, his eyes are begging for my word to allow him to enthuse his pathetic appetite. Half way through, I say, "You may devour your meal". As he attempts to sit Indian style on the floor, I scream, "On your knees swine... hands behind your back." He proceeds to do so, and attempting to take a bite of the pile of crumbs from my toast, I say very passively, almost condescendingly, "You know you must eat your fat first.... Lick it like a kitten would his milk." He proceeds to lick the disgusting, congealed grease from the bowl. "Onto the oranges," I demand. He uses his teeth to chew the acidic peels of the orange. He moves onto the coffee grinds, and I demand him to eat the filter as well. He finishes with the eggshells, being sure to count to eleven out loud with each bite so they are correctly digested. Bored, I demand he draw my bath.

He must prepare my bath as usual, very hot water, with lavender oil, rose petals, and no less than 12 candles lit. My towels and robe are folded ever so perfectly, with a cigarette and matchbook placed on top of them. He assists me into the bath, as I undress from my night lingerie. I stand over him, as he is on his knees, and snap my finger. He kneels lower, and I stand on his back, about to step my first foot into the hot water. "Ah, lower scum," I purr, and proceed to piss on his back. With one foot already tub, the urine is beginning to trickle down my leg. I demand he lick it. Bored with this as well, I push his face away with my feet, and splash into the bath. The hot water splashes his face, and I demand he not wipe it up or any of the urine on his body. "Clean my breakfast and the kitchen while I bathe." He begins to take the trays into the kitchen, and I decide a better plan. "Go get your blindfold, bitch." Demanding he do the dishes with his blindfold on, he is beginning to smile. "No smiling, swine." After he finishes the dishes, I demand he come into the bathroom, and lay on his back next to the tub. "Open your mouth.." as I light my cigarette. Smoking it as slowly as possible, I proceed to drop ashes into his open mouth. As I finish, I let it out on his chest. He moans with pain, and I begin to giggle slightly.

I step out, step my wet foot on his chest, and dry off standing with one foot on his neck and one foot on the floor. I wouldn't dare give this pig the honor to touch my body, if even through the security of a towel. I will, however, allow him to take five sips of the water from my bath, swallowing all. As he is leaning over the tub, out of breath, lapping up my bath water, I proceed to grab one candle and pour the wax on his ass. He moans with pain and pleasure, and I proceed to tell him to shut up. I shove his head under water as I proceed to pour the wax from every candle onto his ass and back, of course, pulling his head up between each one, ripping his hair from his scalp with each dunk. I then make him bathe in the tub I have just sat in, which is now almost ice cold. "Clean well, scum," as I throw him dish soap and the sponge from the kitchen. As he finishes, he asks "May I dress now mistress?" "Ah, pussy, you may not. You may however, brush my hair and prepare my clothes." He proceeds to brush and blow-dry my hair. Half way through, I demand he hold the hot blow-dryer to his dick. "Closer, closer" I say ever so softly, and I can see in his eyes the pain and torment that is building His dick is turning another beautiful shade of purple, and I can see that he may pass out soon as the light in his eyes has almost gone out. Sitting at my vanity, I demand he turn off the blow-dryer. He gasps for air, just as I take a handful of Tiger Balm and slap it in his hand. "Rub this on your nuts, now," I say ever so calmly. He does not hesitate one bit, and moans deep in his throat as the piercing ice cold feeling touches his testes.

"Dress now, in your suit, and your panties." I have laid out a very scantily clad outfit for my bitch to wear, a female thong, nipple clamps which are attached to a bra, and his suit. He is taking me shopping now. We proceed to get into the car which I had ordered on his account, a modest 1950's motorcade car complete with a driver. I proceed to tell the driver to go to 5Th Avenue. As I know my bitch may be tempted to escape in the city, surrounded by people, I have attached a dog's shock collar to his nuts and his neck, which is ever so slightly concealed under his necktie. I also demand he give me all of his personal belongings, such as keys, credit cards, cash, cell phone, etc. We proceed to drive along the Manhattan bridge, the whole wile my slave is on the floor of the car, with my right foot on his nuts, and my other foot in his mouth. I am wearing five-inch heels, ramming the spike into his gouche. With each bump that the car takes, I shove my heel in deeper. I pull his head up by the back of his scalp, ripping out a few follicles of hair doing so.

As I see he has a small bulge building in his pants, I grab his dick at the base, and dig my fake nails into the head. He moans, and I pull tighter. We pull up to the Henry Bendel store, and he is forced to escort me. "Act proper, or you will suffer" I whisper into his ear. He knows what I mean, he must play the normal role for the extent of our visit to the store. Otherwise, I hold in my hand the control to the dog shock collar that is around his nuts and neck, remember, which can take out a German Shepard. We walk up to the personal shopper that has already boxed and prepared all of the items I had previously selected. "Hello, Miss Ivy, how are you this afternoon." "Very well," I respond, as snap my fingers. My bitch comes behind, as I have already handed my personal shopper his credit card. I point to the receipt, "Sign," and he does so. The total of today's spree is close to three thousand. I proceed to make him balance my boxes and bags as he must open every door for me. Just for fun, I give him a light shock on the collar around his nuts before he gets to the car, where he almost drops all my bags.

I giggle, he places them in the trunk, and stands outside the car as he knows he should. I light up another cigarette, and say, "Come." He leans his face close to the open window, where I proceed to blow the disgusting smoke in his face. "No blinking, no coughing." I finish it ever so slow, taking my time and enjoying watching him gag and tear at the sticky smoke as it his his face. "Mouth," I snap, and he sticks his tongue out. I taunt him, by getting the lit cigarette close enough to his tongue for him to feel the heat, but don't put it out on his tongue. This bitch has had a good day, and I can tell he enjoys the pain. I flick the cigarette at him, and as it bounces off his chest, command him to get in the car. My feet are beginning to sweat in the patent leather pumps I am wearing, and my slave is looking a bit dehydrated. "Bathe my feet," I command, as I kick off my heels, being sure to hit him in the face with them. He takes my feet in his hands, and I kick him in the face. "No hands, scum. Do I ever allow you to touch me without asking?!" I scream. This is the first time all day I have intently raised my voice, and he shutters at my screams. Driving back over the bridge, he proceeds to lick my toes, sucking off every last disgusting bead of sweat. Upon entering my driveway, I make him place my shoes back on using his teeth. Holding the spike of my pump in his mouth, as if sucking a cock, I whisper, "Cocksucker, suck if you enjoy this ever so," and proceed to jam the spike down his throat. He gags, and I push farther. His eyes are tearing up, and I push him off my precious shoe, shoving him between the eyes with my pointer and middle finger. He gets up, exits the car, and opens my door. I immediately spit a huge piece of phlegm on his face, "Get my bags, bitch." He proceeds to bring the bags to the front door. "Tip the driver, on your knees, bow to him and kiss his hand," as I hand him a $100 bill from his own wallet. He does so, and the driver winks at me. "Up, bring everything inside and put it away." He does so, placing every article of clothing and the 2 pairs of shoes I purchased in my closet, thanks to his credit card. I am sitting on the end of the bed, and he stands in front of me waiting for my next command. "Take off my shoes, grab my robe," I command. For fun, again, as he is taking off my shoes with his teeth, I give him a gentle shock again on his cock from the dog collar. He moans, but does not skip a beat at the task he is performing. Looking at my toes, as he is placing the robe around me, I realize that my nail polish on my toes is beginning to chip. "Now bitch, I usually would not allow you such a luxury, but it is too late to go back to go to the city. Peel the nail polish off my toes with your teeth." He hesitates, and I grab his mouth, and say forcefully, "NOW!". He does so, shaving and chipping away at the polish on my toes. "Swallow the paint," I say, and he does so. They look like shit. "Get my nail polish remover." He does so, and I proceed to make him remove it with cotton balls. "Open mouth," I say, and shove a cotton ball saturated with nail polish remover and my old black polish into his mouth. "Do not swallow, suck on it." I get up, and find the perfect black color of polish. "Now paint them, perfectly," I say soothingly, sighing as I am truly bored. He begins with the big toe on my left foot, and does a shitty job. "Lick it off," I snap. "Mistress?" he asks, and I reply "Yes, lick it off you bitch, you did a horrible job." He hesitates, and I shove the wet polish into his mouth. He gags at the taste, and I grab a cotton ball that is still soaked in polish remover to remove the polish off his lips. "Finish now." He does a decent job, and I command him to sit and blow on them until they are dry. He does so for an hour, and I realize I need to get ready to go out. I am really getting bored having to help this pathetic brat be my slave, so I decide to chain him to my wall while I shower and get ready for the evening.

I shackle him to my wall, with his suit still on, and realize that I am a bit sweaty and the deodorant I am wearing is starting to become sticky. While he is still tied to the wall, I grab a stool and stand in front of him. I lift my disgusting armpit, and say, "Lick." He licks the rough skin of my underarm, tasting the mercury in my deodorant. I jump down from the chair, slap him in the face a few times, and say "Keep your mouth fucking shut while I get ready." Before entering the shower, I decide to piss in a cup, and set it in the fridge. I shower as usual, and stand in front of him soaking wet and naked. I shake my hair so that the wetness whips him in the face. I decide to grab the urine I had in the fridge, and place it under his chin. "Open your mouth," as I shove the glass in his mouth. His hands still tied, I make him stand there with a cup hanging out from his mouth. I dry off, and blow dry my hair again. I won't give him the pleasure of feeling the heat on his nuts this time. I dress in one of the new outfits he purchased for me, sans stockings and heels. I proceed to unshackle him from the wall, not before taking the glass of piss from his mouth and letting it shatter on the ground. "Lick it up," I say, and he proceeds to lick around the glass and urine on the floor. Now, he is ordered to take an ice cold shower, as I do not want to have his dirty disgusting hands on me as he puts my stockings on. He showers, and is shivering. "No towel," I say, and order him to the foot of my bed again. "Put these me on me," and I make him roll each stocking on my leg. He is beginning to get excited again, and I knee him under the chin. Repeatedly. "I am so fucking sick of you," I say, and tell him to crawl in his dog crate. He is still unclothed, and shivering. I decide to lock him in, and put a fan on high blast right outside the cage. I also place a towel just out of his reaching distance from the cage, just to taunt this pathetic bitch. Before I leave, I realize he may be hungry, and throw a frozen piece of raw steak into the cage. "Eat it if you must," and I lock the door behind me. I am gone only for a few hours, and return to him shivering in the cage. meat not touched, and towel as I placed it. "Good boy, you knew that was a test. Now you may be rewarded." I say.

I uncage him, tell him to set his own bath up. "Your bath is as followed, sea salt, baking powder, and dish soap. Make the water to your temperature liking." "Thank you mistress," he whispers. "Did I ask you to talk??!" I scream again. This time I realize each good deed he completes is totally voided by his disobedience. I make him get in his tub, and walk in with multiple pieces of paper. He is sitting in the tub, like a little boy, and I scream "HAND". He gives me his right hand, which I hold in mine, and proceed to give paper cuts between the webs of his digits. If that hadn't hurt enough, I tell him to dunk his freshly cut hand into the bathtub, which is salty and burns his cuts. He moans, and breaths heavy. "Oh you pussy, stay here then." and I decide to leave him shackled to the wall still sitting in the tub. I sleep for only a few hours, and awake to find him shivering in the cold salt bath I had made. I unlock him, and tell him to leave, but only giving him a pair of tight spandex pants to leave in. "Your wallet and keys are buried somewhere in the lawn." Before I decided to let him go, I dug a few holes and hid each of his belongings in one. "No shovel, bitch, if you find your belongings, you are free to go." It is close to 4 in the morning. "You disgust me, you pathetic bitch." I say as I slam the door in his face.

Here Piggy Piggy... PART IV

Written by:
Mistress Victoria

A week after shitbag's incident with the heavy duty Comet scrub, he has developed a skin rash of sorts- his entire body has become covered with disgusting pus-filled boils. I am forced to take him to a doctor. Tuesday morning, I wake up and descend into the basement, holding my nose in disdain as I creep closer and closer to my little shitbag's lair. He is moaning in discomfort, rolling around in his own defecation and pleading for help.

As he crawls towards me, I spit on him and croon, "Don't worry you worthless cunt, I'm going to get you the help you need." A little smile is playing on my lips as I put piggy on his leash. I have decided to take piggy to my doctor friend who specializes in dermatology...and sodomy. Outside in the car, I make the driver place newspaper in the back of the limo for my disgusting shell of a man-slave. All the way there, he is moaning and writhing in pain. I make the driver roll the window up so we his pitiful, unbecoming cries do not further interrupt the light mood of the conversation of the front of the limo. Once there, I drag my pathetic pet from the car, his knees scraping the pavement bursting about ten boils. He screams out and pain, and I turn around and smack him across the face with my purse, yelling, "Get up you piece of shit! You're hindering my day, and I can't waste another precious second of MY time on your pathetic, attention seeking illness!"

Once inside, my intelligent doctor friend Robert greets me at the door, kissing me on the cheek, exclaiming, "Why Victoria, darling! You are gorgeous! Its been far too long since I've seen you," and then looking to my feet, says, "oh dear...what is this disgusting creature you've brought to me?""Sorry Robert, this little shitbag has decided to go and be all allergic to Comet heavy duty scrub, didn't youuuuu, my little shitbag? He needs to be punished," I added meaningfully. Robert shook his head in disdain, "okay. Bring him in and well see what we can do.".

Once in the examining room, I ordered piggy to remove his clothes. After a quick examination, Robert prescribed some topical ointment. Piggy was writhing in pain throughout the entire examination, and finally losing my patience I screamed, "Shut your fucking mouth you ungrateful little cunt! I am taking care of you, and this is how you repay me?" I look at Robert, and say, "Robert, show him how to behave like a real man.". Robert grabs piggy and flips him over onto his stomach, and manages to pull his massive cock out of his pants in one fluid motion. The rough action of Robert flipping piggy over burst a few boils near his asshole, providing perfect lube for Roberts rock hard massive cock to slide into Piggy's torn up asshole.

"That's right you little shithead, you deserve that fucking huge cock in your disgusting asshole!" I screech as Robert pounds Piggy hard. Robert groans and pulls out, and I order my little shithead to turn over and open his mouth as Robert shoves his dick into Piggy's mouth. Blood, pus and feces fall from Piggy's mouth as he chokes on Roberts rock hard dick.

I laugh viciously as I watch the tears form in Piggy's eyes, the force of Roberts thrusting is causing piggy to gag, and finally, puke. "Lick up your vomit, you disgusting fuck! You ungrateful little shit, you should be begging for that massive cock in your mouth!". "Yes mistress! I'm sorry!" Robert and I laugh as we watch shithead lap up his vomit from the floor, chunks sticking to his face in his haste to please me. While piggy is bent over lapping up his breakfast, Robert pops some more boils near Piggy's asshole and shoves his cock into Piggy's ass. He groans, and with one hard thrust cums into Piggy's disgusting ass. I wipe up the pus and cum near shitheads asshole with a rag and order him to suck the rag clean exclaiming, "eat your own mess you disgusting little cum dumpster, you're worthless!". He obeys, sucking the cum and pus from the rag as he cries, "I love you Mistress! I'll do whatever you tell me, I love whatever you tell me to do!". Robert buttons his pants and smiles, I pay him for the visit and laugh as I drag piggy on his leash out to the car, the rag hanging from his mouth.


New Orleans - The French Quarter

Written by:
Mistress Victroia Sapphire

On a quiet balcony overlooking Rue St. Louis sits my Goddess, Victoria Sapphire. She seems sated from our delicious meal at Antoine's, down the street. She was mildly annoyed when the host sat us in the middle of the restaurant. Typical of restaurant staff, putting the most glamorous or well-heeled in the center of the room as if to display to the rest of society that this is THE place to be. My sophisticated Mistress is a Goddess among those lowly plebs. They should feel the honor I experience dining in her presence. I bring her the chilled sparkling Asti Spumante wine to please her. Pleasing my Goddess is the most important thing in my world. She is heaven and hell in an Amazonian body that would make the angels weep. A classically beautiful face with a toned and firm figure, her waist is slender from years of corset training. She has amazingly luscious, long legs with delightful feet that are almost too small for her imposing height. Her hair is black as a raven's wing with the softness and sheen of fine silk. I sigh seeing her sitting there relaxed and at peace. Like a Grecian statue come to life, she slowly moves to greet me.

"Hello, my slave" beckons her smooth whiskey voice. With grace I drop to one knee with the tray of wine held high. She teases my groin with her classic black, five inch, stiletto heels. It grows firm from the pressure of her pointed toe. "Good boy. Now open the bottle and pour us both a glass." I set about my task with enthusiasm. I have pleased a Goddess who walks among us. Pouring two glasses, I hand the Goddess her glass first and wait for her to taste. She is quiet; she has no need for idle banter. My Goddess knows I am hers to do with as she likes. She tastes her wine and throws me a wicked smile, and I know I am allowed to sip from mine.

"I want my slaves' mouth to service me tonight," begins Mistress Victoria Sapphire. "I expect special attention to be paid to my feet. These cobblestone streets make them sore. Use your mouth to alleviate my discomfort." I understand and move to her lovely legs. She quickly opens her cigarette case, and I must quickly produce a lighter for her or she will be dismayed. I always have one in my back pocket, in case she has a rare smoke. As I light her long, all white cigarette she tells me, "If you are able to please my lower legs then I will allow you the sacrament of Queening." My Goddess stands and her arm darts back for the zipper before I can offer to help. With a flick of her wrist the silk dress drops to the ground. Goddess Victoria coolly bends down, lifts my chin, and blows her decadent smoke into my slave face.

I am on my knees at her feet. This is my place. This is where I belong. Tonight her lengthy legs are encased in sheer black seamed stockings held by a black and pink lace garter belt. The delicate lace pattern is extended to her matching bra and French cut panties. The beauty before me is simply stunning, and I am dumbfounded. She slowly turns, swishing her luscious hips in a circle. She knows the power she holds over me. I abase myself before her, dropping down to kiss her striking high heels. The Goddess purrs in delight, and I strive to please her.

As she sits down she instructs me to kiss each shoe before removing it. I quickly comply with gusto. I see her snap off each tab on her garter belt, freeing her stockings. Mistress then commands me to carefully remove each stocking and begin worshiping her feet. I kiss each foot all over, every toe, the high arches, the tops of her feet, the balls of her feet, everywhere I can. My Goddess pinches my nose between her toes and then instructs me to appreciate and worship her long legs. I am in bliss, at her command, tasting her sweet creamy skin. I lick long lines to her most sacred temple.

My Goddess grabs a hold of my tie and pulls me up to stand. I am off kilter, thinking I have dismayed her. She flashes that naughty smile, saying; "Come inside the flat, my slave. Take off all of your clothes, and get on the bed." I quickly comply leaving my bespoke, three piece suit piled on the floor. Goddess Victoria is standing in the doorway now, with her stiletto heels back on, the panties, garter belt and bra having disappeared. Goddess points to the bed, "In the middle, face up." I can feel my heart pounding as I lay down.

She mounts my face, grinding her mound over my mouth, temporarily smothering me. I am in ecstasy for I know I will please my Goddess. Her scent is smoky clean and she tastes like a buttery white wine. I lick her most sacred lips as I have been taught, swirling my tongue in large circles. My goal is to gratify my Goddess any way she tells me too. I am nothing but a vehicle to her pleasure. I begin to wiggle the flat of my tongue across her hood, feeling her firm clit hiding underneath. She pushes her groin down on my mouth telling me to gently suck her clit. If I am a good slave, she may have her pleasure many times and may bless me with her essence upon my face.

I hope to be a very good slave.

Here Piggy Piggy... PART III

Written by:
Mistress Victoria

I've had my little slut whore locked up in his cage for weeks now. Probably about I'd say roughly four weeks. He deserves it to since he's a worthless slut pig. I am thoroughly amused by it and enjoy every moment of his misery. It's a dark dingy little cavern in my basement that was once a wine cellar but I found much too nasty to actually store wine in. It has roaches and rats that run through it and a dirt floor. It is also very dank and musty with no sun light and has a big creaky wooden door with a pad lock on it. I usually go down in the morning to check on him, only to find him curled up on a stack of old new papers naked and shivering. "Good Morning my little oinking slut, how are you today?" I ask. "Happy to see you my Mistress," he says with a smile across his face and he genuinely does look happy.

I look at him smile and spit in his face and say, "Good you little fucking pig now lay the fuck down and don't look at me!" He obeys and looks down at which point I kick him in his side and he bellows with pain. Moaning and groaning he is rolling around from the swift kick of my boot. The spit on his face is picking up dirt so I continually spit on his face over and over each time hocking up a larger and larger glob of my precious spit. I spit on the floor and scream, "Don't let my spit go to waste lick it the fuck up! NOW!!!!! Fucking worthless whore!"

He licks it up and replies, "Thank you Mistress I love your spit and always want to drink it or lick it off the floor if I have to. It should never go to waste".

"Shut the fuck up nobody asked you, you little whining bitch," I reply and slam the door shut. I sit in my chair next to the door and I pick up my copy of The New York Times and begin my morning routine. Every fifteen minutes or so I go and open the door to spit in his face. After finishing my paper I grab my phone and order some food. I order a tropical fresh fruit platter with creme fraiche and green tea with a fresh green vegetable juice. Soon after he door bell rings and I buzz the usual delivery girl in. She is an adorable little Asian girl that looks sweet shy and like she just graduated high school. Her name is Jamie and she comes down to the basement to give me my breakfast. I pay her and that her and she asks me, "How the little slut in the cage is doing?"

I ask her in return, "Are you just making small talk or do you actually care about that waste of life?"

She laughs and says, "Actually I'm looking for an invite to torture him for fun." At this point I am sheerly delighted. Nothing makes me happier than having several people humiliate my slave.

"Well then, why didn't you just ask? You know I love it when guests can have their way with him." She opens the door, looks in and laughs hysterically.

"What a loser, this is a fucking man? My god he looks like a wormy little bitch! He doesn't even deserve to have balls!" She instantly walks in over him and tells him to open up his eyes and pisses right in his big brown eyes which instantly become blood shot and red. She walks out slamming the door laughing.

She then sits down next to me for a bit and we start chatting over everyday things. She also is Domme and loves to compare nasty stories of what we do to our slaves. I tell her about the use of bugs and she tells me about how much she loves to feed her yeast infections to hers. We both then get up and decide to simultaneously shit on my little pet.

Both of us are sitting over him and giggling as we go and start dropping our fresh hot turds in his face and completely smothering him with our shit. It's steaming and nasty and dripping in his eyes and mouth and I decide to run upstairs to get my video camera. I come back down and start recording him. I flick the button into on position and tell Jamie to start screaming at him and humiliate him so he knows how worthless he really is.

She starts yelling at him and gets my whip and starts whipping at his face. Shit spatters off of his face and she demands that he eat it all off of his face and then off the walls of his cage. "Eat it now you fucking pig, all you are is a shit eater!!!!" He is frantically licking every morsel from his face and when he finishes he shoves his face into the concrete slab of the wall and we makes him lick more.

"Eat it all you fucking pig! Lick it! Lick it! And tell me how much you fucking love it!" He obeys and licks and licks and licks every inch of the shit off of the wall. When he is done I get out a banana. At first I only make him shove it up his ass for a while. Then I make him lick it clean and smear it all over his body. I then lock him up for a few more days and leave him alone with the bugs. The smell of the banana attracts them and over the days they begin to crawl all over him. I frequently go down to check on him and to see the look of fear in his eyes as they crawl all over him.

After three days I decide that he is ready to be showered and I order him in the back yard. I throw a bottle of Comet at him and I say, "Clean yourself bitch, scrub all of the nasty out of yourself and off of yourself". I turn on the icy hose full blast and watch and laugh as my dirty little piggy cleans himself. Frigid and shivering I make him sit outside for a half an hour. While he is outside I am inside pissing on some towels. I walk out hand him some towels and tell him to warm himself up with them and come back into his cage where I then leave him again, in the dark with only the rats as his be continued

The Takeover

Written by:
Mistress Asha

Today is the day of my big interview with VP of a very big company. I am dressed in my best garters, and silkiest stockings, ready to take on this Head Honcho. We shall call him "MR F" for now. This will not be any ordinary interview, at least not for him. I do not just want a job; I want to own his company. My aim is to make him sign his company over to me by any means necessary. If my beauty and brains are not enough, well then I will just have to add some of my sadistic

I enter his office, locking the door behind me unbeknownst to him. I introduce myself “Good morning MR F, I am here for the position of administrative assistant.”Have a seat" he replies as he drools over my cleavage peeking from the top of my white blouse. I can see him squirming in his chair, probably to fight his hard-on as I cross and uncross my legs, trying to get a glance of my panties and garters. As he turns to reach for files in his cabinet I cut the phone cord, I would not want to be interrupted.

"So Miss Asha, what makes you a great candidate for this position?" I reply, “I know what you need, and what I want. Let me show you Mr. F" I begin to unbutton my blouse and revealing more cleavage, I bend over the desk exposing more of my garter, to his pleasure. My long legs extending over his desk revealing a bit of my ass cheeks Men are so easy to tease, I place my leg in between his legs, pressing the front of my shoe on his barely there bulge. "Is your cock hard Mr. F" "Yes Asha it is, can I show you?”. I retort, "Please do! As he takes out his cock, I grab it and begin to tie the telephone cord around it; I push him back into his chair with my black high heel digging in his chest, while pulling at his cock with a telephone cord leash. Before he has the chance to yelp I shove his tie into his mouth. I begin to tie him to his chair using the rest of the phone cord, tying his hands behind his back and ankles together, NOW THE TAKEOVER BEGINS.

"Mr. F, you’re nothing more than a selfish, chauvinistic, sexist pig, and piggy needs to be taught a lesson. I think you need to know what it feels like for a woman to be hounded by impudent creatures like yourself.


 Let us begin by adding some paper clamps to your nipples, we will leave them there for a bit, let us make your nipples sensitive like a woman’s nipples.


 Well that portion already began when I tied your balls to a tee...TEE HEE...they look so plump, Can’t really think with that head now can you?


 I am going to disrobe and you will see me in nothing more than my bra, panties, garters, and stockings, if you get hard I will slam you cock in the top drawer of your desk. With this method we should be able to maintain separation of the two heads, I am sure of it.


I have a contract here that you will sign releasing your company to me. I will make this company female owned and operated. In turn, I will allow you to service myself and the other women of this company. You will be objectified in any and every way possible. You will be a footstool, toilet, bidet, couch, and any other object fitting for myself and my other queens. You will be forced at time to sexually gratify yourself in front of every woman on a daily basis while we laugh, spit, kick, and humiliate you like the buffoon you are. You have no choice in this matter. Your other option is for me to release all of the pictures and videos I have of you harassing the women of this office to your wife and the entire company.


He sits shivering and he nods yes, as I knew he would. I untie his hands and release his gag; he is under my control now. "I agree Asha, but may I ask one thing?" May I pleasure myself to you? I reply," Oh, no not today my pet". On your first day of work, I am going to hold a conference announcing the new company overhaul, at which time you will pleasure yourself in front of me and all of the other NEW board members. All the women you harassed and filed complaints against you. I am sure you look forward to your first day of work. Oh by the way, you will not be going home this evening; I am handcuffing you to the toilet in my bathroom.

That will be your new office...LOL... SEE YOU EARLY TOMORROW SEXETARY........................

Here Piggy Piggy PART II

Written by:
Mistress Victoria

Lately, piggy piggy has been a worthless piece of shit. Not like that is different from any other day but he has been particularly irritating and unruly. His focus has been off and it doesn't seem that his Mistress is his essential focus of life. To say that it has pissed me off is an understatement. It has beyond infuriated me. It seems to have started the other day when he served me my breakfast. My breakfast and morning tea were cold. On that morning, my bedroom door creaked open, and he placed my breakfast tray on the table next to my bed. Rather than waiting for my approval he turned to retreat into the kitchen. I grabbed the closest thing I could find to hurl at him (which happened to be the Kinky Kelly's guide to masochism) and threw it screaming,"You are never to leave without making sure I am enjoying my breakfast you worthless piece of shit whore!" He froze in his tracks and apologized; I then took a sip of my tea only to find it cold. I leapt up out of bed and slapped him across his cheek and again with the back of my hand- "God damned pig whore cunt what the fuck is this that you're serving me? This tea is fucking cold and so are my eggs!!! Do you not fucking take your Mistress's every need into consideration like you should? I don't ever want this to be served to me again you fucking slut!!! Now get the fuck on the floor!"

I let out an infuriated scream while kicking him to the ground. He falls to the ground and starts with his lame apologies. I spit on him while swiftly grabbing my bull whip and rope from my night stand so I can tie this miserable fuck up. I lay him down on the bed and make sure to tie up his hands and legs with the rope looping beneath the bed frame. His bare naked ass is in perfect shot and I begin to crack my whip over and over, ripping his already scarred ass up. I do this for about 15 minutes until he is covered in welts and open cuts from the force of my anger. I leave the bedroom and slam the door. I go into the library and pick up the phone to call up a friend. I lift the receiver and dial the numbers, "Hi Tim its Victoria, I need to you to do me a favor. Come over and sodomize my slave-he completely fucked up my breakfast and it is imperative he is punished. I already whipped him, but that's not enough. I feel his actions deserve apt consequences- he needs to be sodomized like the fucking whore he is.

 Bring friends." I hang up the phone happy knowing that my slut pig is soon going to be ass raped before my eyes. I walk back into the bedroom and the little slut looks up at me and apologizes again. "Don't look at me you undeserving slut!" I yell, and spit in his pig face. He turns his head and keeps it down. "You are an undeserving slut and I'm going to severely punish you today." Once again I walk out and slam the door, leaving the pig to wallow in his own blood, sweat in tears. I ponder the amount of cleaning he will have to do in order to clean his stains out of the carpet. I go out to the living room and begin to relax on the sofa. Within a few minutes Tim arrives with not one, but four other friends.

I answer the door, and to my satisfaction they are all standing about 6'3" or above. Men with such stature are sure to have dicks that will rip piggy's ass up. I greet them and escort them in. I walk them into the bedroom and have them all drop their pants. Tim is really hard and I order him to mount my little whore's whipped ass. He climbs on top of him and thrusts his thick hard cock up my little slut's ass, there are two screams- piggy's yelp of pain, and Tim's cry of pleasure.

 At this point I order everyone else to go to the side of the bed where piggy piggy's face is. I order piggy piggy to tongue each one of their balls repeatedly. All four cocks are in front of his face as he continually sucks and laps at their balls, all the while getting pounded into by Tim's hard, throbbing cock. All I can see from where I stand is piggy's tongue moving in and out with dicks everywhere in front of his face. I untie his hands and feet, ordering him to jerk off and blow as many guys as he can at once. Both his hands are on a separate cock, with one in his mouth, while another is jerking off on his face. All this while Tim is still riding his ass. Watching this fuck fest of sodomy in pleasure, I ask my piggy how it feels to be a whore for his Mistress's amusement and he replies in gasping breaths, "I love it Mistress because it makes you happy." To further degrade the piece of shit I order Tim to cum in his ass. Once he is finished, I order all of the other men to hold their cum until each of them gets a chance to shove their juicy members into piggy's ass.

Tim finishes first, and proceeds to shove his cock into piggy's mouth so the little cunt can clean his shit off of it. The next guy then cums in piggy's ass, and follows suit, shoving his dirty shit covered cock into piggy's mouth. The shit eating pig whore does this for everyone until each man has dumped all their cum in piggy's ass. I then go to the other room and get the hose from the enema bag and shove that into piggy's ass. I take the other side of the hose and shove it into piggy's mouth and order him to suck the sperm from his own ass. He sucks and sucks and sucks and all you see is shitty bloody cum go into the cunts little mouth. As he sucks it I make him scream out, "Mmmm I love the cum my Mistress feeds me, mmmm ! I love it and just can't get enough of it!". When we are finished I untie him, asking him, "So piggy, how was your breakfast?" and he replies, "Delicious Mistress". I then tell him, "Good now get the fuck out of my room, and make my breakfast the right way, you fucking cunt! And make sure my guests aren't hungry and ensure to thank them for their wonderful cum." The worthless piece of shit does what he is told and my guests and I retire from the morning's festivities into the living room.

 We all sit there and relax awaiting our meal. Little does piggy piggy realize but this is just the beginning of his torture. Our breakfast comes out along with tea and coffee and it is perfect this time around. There are fresh eggs benedict with crumpets and homemade jam and irish butter. We all sit together laughing over how much we enjoy abusing the pig and while we dine on our fine meal. When the meal is finished we move into the television room while my pig cleans up. After he is finishes he has orders to meet us back in the television room where we will be anxiously awaiting him. My television room is a rather special room. It is set up like a movie theater. It has a projection screen that comes down from the ceiling and has rows of special chairs much like the ones in the theater however mine are fashioned slightly different than the ones in the movies. They are extremely comfortable so you can lounge on them for hours but they have a cut out on the bottom so your slave can slide his face underneath and wait for you to shit all over him and into his mouth. All of the seats are set up like this so I can entertain many people and have them all shit in my whore's mouth. This is in fact the plan for today.

 I come in and sit down in the chair and so do all of my guests we are all lined up in a row and just waiting with sheer excitement. As soon as my whore arrives I order him beneath my chair and begin to spray his face with my shit. At first it comes out just as a little fart and then it comes out in larges sprays of shit covering his face and up and inside his nose. He sits beneath me open mouthed just waiting to ingest every morsel of my shit. I end it off with me pissing in his mouth. I then order him to gargle and swallow my urine and then eat every bit of shit off his face and from my asshole. He then moves on to one of my guests. He sits there for a while and then releases a huge, thick, long, hot shit that swirls perfectly into his mouth I order the pig to swallow it whole and he obeys. I tell piggy to lick my guest's asshole clean and get the fuck up and move on to my next guest because he is to never to leave my guests waiting. The next guest tries to go and can't piggy tries to get up and move on and I jump the fuck up and kick him telling him not to fucking move yet and to wait till he tastes my guests shit before he moves on.

He remains underneath and finally a hot steaming mess releases from his ass and all over my slaves face my guest gets up and Tim sits down on his seat to release his shit onto the worthless slut, he groans and then that too pours out all over the worthless whore covering his face. Tim wipes his ass and shoves the toilet paper into his mouth and lets our last guest sit. We've decided its more fun to see how big of a shit pile we can turn the whore into. We have our final guest shit all over him and all laugh in amusement at my little shit covered whore. I tell piggy to eat the shit and you can see his tongue slide in and out throughout the pile. It takes him some time but he eventually finishes the hot sloppy mess. I then order piggy into his bathroom to go sit there covered in shit. The last thing I want it shit getting all over the place. The only place shit belongs is in my whore's mouth and his bathroom.

After my guests leave for the night, I am extremely tired. Today was an extremely eventful day, and I am quite satisfied as all my guests had left satisfied. I go to the bathroom to wash up, and find dark spots of blood on my lace underwear. I am infuriated when I find that there are no tampons anywhere, and immediately scream for my worthless little slave. He rushes in and I yell, "you worthless piece of shit whore- what the fuck have I told you about not restocking everything before the stash has been depleted!!! Where the fuck are my tampons?" He bows his head in shame as he knows his wrongdoing this time.

I pull out the tampon I had been previously using to clog my bloody pussy up, and shove it in his ungrateful little mouth. "You little shit!! Suck the blood out of Mistress's tampon so I can reuse it, until your worthless ass can get to the store to pick me up more!" I watch in satisfaction as he gags on my blood soaked tampon; the saliva and blood drip down his chin and onto the floor. "Clean yourself up you little cunt!! You're making a mess of my bathroom!" He apologizes profusely and leaves to go to the store with my tampon in his mouth. I smile with satisfaction as I await his arrival…

Dirty Little Piggy Fantasty continues...

Written by:
Mistress Valentina

Just as I am waking up I can sense my dirty slaves presence from across the room. He's so pathetic. He showers me in gifts and compliments and I shower him in my fecal matter and urine. I willl often tease him by dancing in front of him barely clothed while he is chained to the floor. Its most amusing when i watch him struggle to get closer to me- the metal from the shackle s breaking his skin. Oh how I love to deny him what he craves most. He cannot even control himself.

 Hes a man- a pig; an ignorant form of life that deserves to be punished and treated like his kind have treated many women before. His penis is hard- and this is the perfect opportunity to kick him in his fully errect penis. He lets out a scream like a little girl. "Shutup slut!!" I scream as my whip comes down on his bare ass. I hate when he replies so pathetically "thank you Mistress Valentina" after I strike him, I'm not doing him any favors. He should know that. For this aggrivation I deprive him of his senses which always seems to cause him extreme discomfort and fear of what may await him next. I put a ball gag in his mouth and a blind fold over his eyes. I strip naked and dance around him, constantly reminding him of my nudity. Oh, how I love to taunt and tease my poor little slut.

This drives him crazy, I spit in his face and watch him drool all over himself as he attempts (and fails) to speak. His ass is already covered in whip lashes and welts and I havent even eaten breakfest! He may have his breakfast when I have digested it. I can control his every move for I am his everything- his world. He loves me and praises the ground I walk on.He licks the bottom of my shoes and boots as well as the the dirty soles of my feet He must swallow every piece of lint, every bite of toe jam that hides in between my toes. I make him do the unthinkable... whatever little sadistic plan that comes to mind I fulfil l without hesitation for he has no say in what happens to him. Sometimes for fun I dress him up like a sexy little whore with stockings, panties, garter belt, bra, high healed shoes and a fur coat then take him outside with me... always on a leash attached to his balls. We go to Hunts Point and make him suck cock for money. My little sex slave enjoys it; "anything to please my mistress" he always repeats over and over again like a broken record. He pleasures cock after cock sucking on their balls and reveling as load after load washed down his slutty throat Its almost time for me to feed my little whore, this always heightens his vulnerability and arouses his tied up little penis causing it to turn into a dark purple. /font>

I can feel him preparing himself mentally repeating to himself over and over... "anything for my mistress... anything for my mistress....". I spit on him because he's so pathetic and beneath me. I can never keep myself from laughing hysterically everytime I see my pathetic stripped sex slave beg and plead for my approval for fear of the pain and dissatisfaction rejection could bring. I like to toy with his feelings and emotions. for fun.

I place a toilet on top of him while he is chained to the floor, this automatically causes his penis to nearly explode with the rope getting tighter and tighter. As I release my nectar into his mouth he gags and struggles to breathe while still trying to preserve every single drop. What comes next he enjoys most. As my shit falls on his chest he immediately proceeds to spread on his entire body.... that dirty whore. He has a clamp with metal teeth on the tip of his penis preventing him from ejaculating. This drives him insane. This drives me crazy. I let him sit in my fecal matter for a little while as a treat before I make him lick it off every inch he can reach on his body. Afterwards he is made to bathe in my dirty left over bath water. be continued...

Going green is the new black and blue: A Lesson in Suffering

Written by:
Mistress Amara

A)Meal Time

In the dungeon the slave sees 3 covered platters before him with their contents written on a placard. The first reads roast turkey with mashed potatoes & gravy the second reads macaroni& cheese, the third reads falsely & hummus on pita. "We have a long, tortuous day of school ahead of us fuck wart ," Amara tells the slave. "Treat yourself to something tasty that will give you strength for your lessons." The slave is amazed that the mistress is letting him choose for himself. He thinks the first meal sounds delicious so he uncovers the platter. There is no food but a card that reads : You are an asshole! Turkeys are intelligent animals who enjoy having their feathers stroked and listening to music, with which they will often sing quite loudly. In nature, turkeys can fly 55 miles an hour, run 25 miles an hour, and live up to four years*. "You could only wish to have the intelligence of a turkey and not that of a used cumrag. You are beneath these beautiful creatures. They do not deserve to suffer to end up as extra padding to your gut" Amara says. "Read on. there's more."

The card continues to say :But the story's very different for turkeys on factory farms: They will be killed when they are only 5 or 6 months old, and during their short lives, they will be denied even the simplest pleasures, like running, building nests, and raising their young. Thousands of turkeys are crammed into filthy sheds after their beaks and toes are burned off with a hot blade. Many suffer heart failure or debilitating leg pain, often becoming crippled under the weight of their genetically manipulated and drugged bodies. When they arrive at the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut and their feathers burned off—often while they are still fully conscious.*

"As a punishment you will have a taste of the farmed turkeys' pain instead of tasting the turkey itself" Amara quickly binds the slave in a body harness, and ties his hands behind his back. She binds his feet tight with rope so the blood cannot go to his toes. She ties his hard cock up tight and retrieves some hot wax. She drips it over his dick. "You like how that tastes fuck wart? Maybe we should cut your cock off and eat that for lunch." She pours the hot wax over his erect nipples, rips the information card in two and slaps it over each wax-covered nipple. "I'm going to rub this in real nice over your fat sissy tits and maybe you'll soak up the information that way since your tiny brain doesn't seem to work very well. She forces him to his knees, by pushing down on his shoulders He is still bound in rope. She sits on a chair before him.

"Now I have to drug you turkey." She pick up a small china dish with crushed powder. She sprinkles a long trail of it on her leg from her toe to her thigh. "Snort this off my leg cock gobbler" she orders him. "What is it Mistress?" the slave asks "It's Viagra; it will enhance your meat. Go on now take your medicine" She commands. The slave bends his head down as best he can under restraints. Wobbling, he snorts the line, makes it up to her knee and loses his balance, falling into the table. Amara laughs. " After lunch time I will put you on a leash and we'll go watch the catholic school boys and girls have recess. I know how that excites a sick fuck like you. Your meat will be so hard, but your hands will be tied. You will be hard for hours yet unable to do anything about it but suffer." With the slave bound on the floor, Amara takes the third platter and helps herself to lunch. She eats almost all of it but saves some pita. she rolls the slave onto his back with her foot and sits on his chest. "I think this turkey needs some stuffing." She chews up a mouthful of pita and yanks the slaves mouth open by pinching his nose back with a hard pull. she spits the chewed up bread into his mouth hole. "What do you say slave?"

"Thank you mistress Amara," The slave says.
She rips the waxed paper off his nipples and leads him out to the school yard.

B) Classroom


It is time for class and the slave must write on the chalkboard 100 times I WILL NEVER EAT COCK AGAIN. All the while receiving verbal abuse from his mistress. "I DON'T BELIEVE YOU COCKSUCKER! That's all you think about isn't it? Having a nice big fat cock in your mouth while you should be worshiping your mistress!" "No mistress," the slave quivers. "I Don't Believe you Maggot!" Amara orders the slave to the stool in the corner. "Pull down your pants you retarded little monkey!" The slave complies. "Bend over the stool! I want to see that fat hairy ass in the air!" "Yes Mistress" says the slave. With the slave bare-ass-ed and slumped over the stool, Amara ties his wrists and ankles to the wooden legs. She stalks over to her desk and pulls out a wooden ruler from the top drawer. "You've been a naughty slave with a filthy mid" You haven't been paying attention to your lesson so I'm going to ensure that you wont even be able to sit down without feeling the warm sting of your Mistress." Amara measures out ten spankings on the Slave's pasty white ass. "You're right mistress,"the slave gasped,"I've been bad. Please go easy on me."

Mistress Amara laughs, "I've only just gotten started you pathetic sissy boy!" She measures out 50 much harder spankings, each one sending the slaves head forward and into the wall. "Mistress pleeeeeeease, "screams he slave, his head throbbing and speckled with chalk dust from the wall,"My ass can't take any more!!" Amara looks and sees that thanks to her punishment, the slaves ass is indeed welted and bright red. She lowers down near the slave, softly runs her fingers through his hair from the crown of his head to his hairline and then yanks hard so his whole head jerks back and his ear is level with her mouth. She says softly " First you daydream during your lesson and now you're going to lie to your mistress?! I KNOW your ass can take more." straightening up she walks to her desk with a smirk and declares " we're going to make your ass so red it will glow in the dark and your TV will short-circuit"

"Sounds painful but you lost me mistress" said the slave. Amara rolls her eyes and slaps him across the head "Mid-infrared light waves are used in TV remotes that dickheads like you rely of to distract them from the meaninglessness of their personal lives. I could have my kindergarten class come in and draw you a pretty color diagram of the light spectrum so you can understand but we haven't got time for that . Besides, I know rainbows give you a hard- on anyhow and we don't want to scare the children." She opens the bottom desk drawer, pulls out a shiny 8 inch cock . She hocks a loogey to moisten it. she unties the slaves wrists. "Pledge Allegiance slave!!!" He obediently takes the dildo thrusts it in and out of himself while saying " I pledge allegiance to the cock for the retarded slaves of Amara-ca."

ii.Sex ED- the Dirty Virgin

It is time for sex education. The slave is ordered to escort his Mistress Professor to the bathroom on his back. The slave learns about a snow white virgin named Kimberly Clark who has a very dirty secret. Mistress wants the slave to learn the lesson that Kimberly Clark uses virgin forrest to make her income and as a consequence hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down each year and hundreds of garbage trucks of excess by-product waste are produced.

"Nobody really likes a vanilla- colored virgin do they slave?"
"No mistress."
"Far better to soak up experience, add some color to your life, some flavor...and leave the trees intact."
"Yes Mistress"

"I know you have little experience with women and their anatomy. Today you will become well-acquainted with the nature of women while helping to preserve our natural forests. You will become a human toilet. You will eat the shit, piss and menstruation of everyone in this building. You will become a connoisseur of human excretion. You will drink so much female piss they'll you'll be able to discern who's about to get their period and who's just had one. You will be able to taste the difference between an alcoholic and those who abstain. You'll have sloppy seconds of everyone's dinner via eating their shit! Instead of toilet paper you will hand them these cloth wipes which you will hand-wash at the end of your toilet servitude." "I love golden showers mistress"

"You are to take all the fluids orally, scumfuck! If i get word that you are taking the golden showers on your chest or failing to swallow these gifts then you will meet Lulu. Lulu is the big bear Leather Daddy who lives next door who loves nothing more than beating off and cumming over little pussy men like yourself. Just a warning he unloads like a shotgun blast and had no qualms about spraying in your eye, so you better behave!"

"Yes Mistress"
'Here are the cloths. Make yourself useful in your downtime and fold them up nicely for the Mistresses." Amara slaps the slave's ball goodbye and leaves him to his duties.

Class- Where do you get your Protein From?

Amara leads her slave into the padded wrestling room. "You are grotesque and out of shape slave! You have allowed a factory food lifestyle to wreak havoc on your body. You have seem to have no will power or sense of control over your physique at all. You are here for ME to wreak havoc on your body. For ME to inflict pain unto. For ME to torture. BEING a lifeless FAT ASS SISSY is such a passive means of torture. Amara slaps the slave's nipples and amuses herself making his flesh jiggle. "Does it feel good after you've engorged yourself on shit food slave?" "No mistress!" " I'll abuse you. Get you worked up. and if you make it through alive I promise you will feel so much better," she says as she walks behind him coolly. reaches his cock from behind and gives it a hard twist. "First we're going to box. Don't worry about hurting me I doubt you'll get in one punch. She orders the slave to suit her up in vinyl-covered boxing gloves and to do so himself after.

Once geared-up she immediately launches into a brutal assault of punches and kicks. The slave flops about the room enjoying himself as a pitiful rag doll in the clutches of sexed-up hyperactive tigress. "Whips and flogs are always fun" says Amara through hot breaths "But there's nothing better than a good old-fashioned ass-whooping" She has her fun beating him mercilessly for a good while. She eventually lets up briefly and takes a seat " You've made me thirsty. Feed me my water and splash some on my face" "Yes mistress" the slave obliges. "Now take of my stalkings and lick my sweaty feet" Again the slave obliges. "Breaks over now we're going to put those pitiful muscles to work!" Amara grabs a wooden caning rod and orders him through a series of boot camp drills. 200 jumping jacks. "Faster you cum-gurgling Nancy! ...Jump Higher you shit-stained pig-fucker! 50 push-ups "If you didn't eat so many Twinkies you might actually be able to do a real push-up fuckwad! Up! Down! Up Down! Kiss the ground and up again!" "Yes mistress," the slave utters trembling to hold himself up "I'm sorry what? Didn't quite hear that. I"m not your mole-covered sea cow of a wife. I am Your Mistress! Speak to me like I deserve!" " YES MISTRESS AMARA!" The slave answers loudly. Still struggling through his drills Squat- thrusts "Unfortunately for you slave, giving RIMJOBS to schoolboys isn't part of my drill program or you might actually be good at something!" She clamps clothespins on his nipples and penis to crank up the pain. "Faster you Pantie-sniffing Inbred!" The slave is worn out, bruised and ready to collapse " Up! Again Dough boy we're not done yet!!!

Shortly after, the slave can not pull himself up any longer. He lays in a slump at Amara's feet. She Kicks at him and tramples his dick. Spits on his chest "How is that McGlutton sandwich you ate yesterday treating you? You're asking your body to break down a pile of trash with nothing to show for it. If you start eating like you give a damn you wouldn't be such a failure." she kicks him again hard. You will be sore for days to come but if you listen to me and make it through a few more drill sessions you will thank me" She pulls off all the clothes pins, causing the slave to writhe. She Dumps a pitcher of ice water on him and closes him in to rest a bit. Minutes later Amara returns with a leash ,blindfold and whip in hand. "Still tuckered out slave? we need to replenish your electrolytes." The slave peers up. "Thank you Mistress," he says. She slips the blindfold over the slave's eyes and straps the collar and leash around his neck. She kicks at his body and says, "On your hands and knees dick boy! We're going to get you some Bi vitamins to help your revolting body synthesize proteins." She leads him down the hall like a puppy to the torture room. He cannot see that the room is full of slaves the mistresses have tied up to various torture devices. They all are blindfolded. "These pathetic slaves have all greatly disappointed their mistresses. They've been very bad and for failing to please their owners they have not been permitted to release. They have all snorted their Viagra earlier as you have slave. They are full of cum and need you to service them. You will suck them all to completion and in return the vitamins will restore y our energy." "Thank you mistress" Amara leads him to a bondage table where a scrawny white-haired man is supine, shackled by is wrists and ankles. "OK mutt! Hop up on the table and suck Grandpa's cock while he eats your asshole!" The slave obeys. She removes the old man's blindfold so he can get an eyeful of hairy, sweaty asshole pumping in and out of his nose and tongue.
"How does that wrinkly cock taste mutt?"
He turns his head and answers," like scotch and kerosene Mistress."
"Did I say stop sucking dick boy?"
"No Mistress," he says and hurriedly grabs the old man's cock back up with his mouth. Amara cracks him in the back with her whip.
"Do you love how it tastes?"
"mmmhmmmph," he answers, still working.
"Well suck faster! Suck harder you have 3 more saves to finish off here,"she orders.

So the slave does as he is commanded. His muscles are weak from the brutal workout and it feels good to have his ass licked, even by a scrawny old man. The old man slows down his licking as his is about to cum he can't do much to service as the moans escape him. He squirts a pitiful amount and Amara's slave easily swallows it all. "Good boy," she assures him as she yanks on the leash signaling I'm to jump down off the table. "Well that was just an appetizer. are you ready for the main course?" she asks. "Yes, Mistress," the slave answers. "OK mutt. Hop up on this kneeling table and bend over it forwards." The slave moves forward slowly as he is still blindfold. He feels the knee rest and gets into position. He drapes his arms around the chest rest, and Amara ties them securely in place. "Stay put,"she laughs," I'll be right back."

Amara retrieves two of the more fit slaves in their 30's from the holding cage. She places one in front, and one behind the kneeling table. "You assholes might all claim to be straight but today we will prove otherwise. You've all taken your medicine and your dicks look hard to me!" She ties one slaves ankles to the base of the kneeler, and ties both of their wrists to the others so that they meet in the middle of the table, at each side of her personal slave. "OK fuck faces I think you know what you're expected to do."

Obediently the slave in the back starts fucking Amara's slave in the ass while the other fucks the slaves mouth. They all must work in unison since they are tied together for balance. "Good job sluts. I am going to get your mistresses to show them what good little whores you re being for me. I'll be back in five minutes and you better be ready to cum" She walks away and in the hall she can hear the echoes of their moans, Part pleasure. Part pain. Classic dungeon music. Minutes later she returns with the mistresses. They all laugh at Amara's slave who is clearly having uncomfortable being used like a Chinese finger trap. "C'mon fagot suck it like it's your daddy's cock!" they yell "How do you like that dirty dick in your ass?" Amara says, "ah, don't worry mutt boy. Let's see you smile. If you suck it like you mean it, it'll be over much quicker. Pretend its a cherry Blow pop and you can't wait to get to the bubblegum middle. Let us hear how much you like it!"

Amara's slave hmmmms and ahhhhs and does his best to please. The slave in front of him blows his load and cums all over his face. It drips down from his brows, his nose and into his mouth. He licks it up. "Are you going to cum?" Amara asks the slave in the back. He nods. " pull out and cum over his back. The slave does as he is told and sprays thick cum over the mutt's back. She unties all the guest slaves' restraints.

"Now scoop it up with you fingers and feed that shitty cum to my mutt." He does and Amara's slave has to fight his gag reflex from the shit/cum mixture. "Good boy. Here's some water. we just have one more left." She unties his restraints and pulls him over to the throne in the corner. " For dessert we have a Beautiful tranny named Alecia, with big tits and a bigger cock. She will fill you up with exotic Bi vitamins and have you feeling rejuvenated. Kneel down at her feet. She likes her breasts massaged while you service her cock. Think you can multitask dickboy?"

"Yes Mistress. I will try my hardest to please you both." He stretches his arms up like he was worshiping the sun, grabs Alecia's firm breasts and takes her large cock in his mouth. His mouth is sore from all the abuse but he is thankful that at least for the moment his asshole has been allowed a break. He has never been with a tranny before and finds it surprisingly erotic. She smells like strawberries but has a true raging cock. Flesh and blood. Alecia tilts forward into him. Although her breast are fake, psychologically its a huge turn on to have a man fondle her and service her so eagerly. She guides his head with her large hands, faster and faster. She makes the mutt deep throat her as she cums explosively. She pushes him off her and says "You ain't straight dickboy. That's for sure. You as gay as a green maple leaf, mother fucker." Amara laughs "That's what I thought! Well I'm gonna make this bitch boy embrace his faggotry right now."

C. Domestic-Bitch Lessons

Finally slave is to practice showing love and respect to animals. He is led to the dress-up room. "Let's find you a green dress to show you off as new found nature whore! " Amara smacks his ass and pushes him towards the closet. "Okay fairie boy? Show me what a good tree-humper you are! " The slave rifles through the cross-dressing closet for man sized tinker belle garb. "You know what slave?" Show me your best Mother Nature. Tuck that Hardin between your legs. Show me your fairieboy pussy." The slave obliges. "Now put these on" Amara walks towards him with a string of pearls and runs it through the "slit" of his manpussy up and and down back through his legs and up his ass crack. She runs them around his neck, over his nipples then clenches them up in a ball shoves it into the cave of his chest "Take it bitch" she says. " I don't know what we're going to do about that ass-ugly face of yours but this will at least do something to hide your neck rolls. The slave puts on his green dress, and his pearls. He must paint his finger and toenails green while keeping a dildo in his mouth. " A good bitch keeps her mouth shut" "Yehhhh Mhhsihhh" the slave mumbles through a mouthful of rubber cock.

"Well you look a little better but I've had panty dandruff that smells better than you." She scrunches her nose in disgust. "You stinky filthy cumrag. You didn't shower after gym class did you? Saving water IS smart but have some fucking sense and don't kill anyone with your stench!" She sticks two fingers in her pussy and wipes the nectar across his upper lip. "See? I'm sweet as a peach. We can douse you in perfume and deodorant to mask this problem for now," she says and pelts him with toiletries, "but to actually smell nice you need to drink two liters of water and eat at LEAST three servings of fresh fruit a day, and of course stop eating vile garbage like cheese, eggs, and fried food." She sticks her fingers inside herself again this time sticking them into the slaves mouth and rolling it around on his tongue. "Right?" she asks him. "Just like a peach mistress," he answers. She slaps his tits and knees him in the vagina. "Go put on the tea tray and throw a tea party for your stuffed animals. As the slave dons the servant platter Amara jiggles her butt an inch from his face. "You wish you could have this don't you faeire" "yes mistress" She slaps her own ass. straightens up and says " Well remember bitch. You are Beneath me. If you make your animals happy with the tea party I'll let you touch my feet." He must worship the mistress' feet and recite a version of "This little piggy" in which none of the piggies have roast beef. If I don't like his version I write CUNT in red lipstick across his face. He has now passed through boot camp and is rewarded with a long carrot he must insert into his ass and say "YUM YUM YUM" He is now a domesticated house beast and when he returns to his cage for bed it is no longer lined with ice and he may fully lie down.


Written by:
piggly wiggly

I am hungry and havent eaten food in days but i lie still and quiet for fear of waking her up. Sometimes she can be in a really bad mood. On a bad day she will feed me her fecal matter in a bowl and drink her urine from a cup. On a good day (for me) she will directly use my mouth as her toilet. She knows how much i enjoy this and she has to feed me somehow. Regular food is out of the question with Lady Valentina.

She sees how nasty and dirty my mind and thoughts are but doesn't seem to mind at all. As if i am just another one of her little play toys. i hope she doesn't get tired of me and throw me away like the others so i try not to complain and abide by her strict set of rules.

She shows no emotion while she whips me and watches me struggle all tied up. It actually almost pleases her. as if she were being turned on by my pain and suffering. She always has a deviant smirk on her face making it difficult to predict what awaits me next. She is truthful with me and gives me what i deserve.

After she has made me smear her shit all over my body including my cock, i don't even want to shower but she forces me to bathe... in her leftover bath water, she says i stink up her whole apartment.

I love her so much because she is all i have. She controls my every move and i let her because I am pathetic and miserable but she still keeps me around. I am so honored to be her slave and she reminds me of this everyday.

She is waking up, i can see her from the corner of her bedroom where I'm chained and shackled. She glances over at me and spits on me. "thank you mistress, good morning" i immediately reply for fear of her unpredictable wrath. "shut up bitch" she manages to say as she yawns deprived of any feelings toward me. She proceeds to slap me around a few times and then makes me lick her feet clean and kiss every part of them before making me paint her toe nails red. Although it may seem like a bad day already, in reality it isn't. She tells me to open my mouth, as i am in chained with cuffs to the floor, she stands over me and suddenly i am in pure bliss. My heart races as a red stream of her bodily fluids enters my mouth and covers my entire body. red, just like her nails. She knows she has given me the best treat for painting her nails so well.

I admire everything about her.sometimes at night she will=2 0let me worship her body but that never lasts long before she will suddenly take a whip to my face or my cock for getting to close to her. She doesn't like it. I am a man, therefore i am just a tool, an ignorant pervert... nothing but a little sissy slave to abuse and manipulate.

She takes me outside with her sometimes, usually at night because she says she wouldn't be caught dead with such a pathetic sissy slave in the day time. She says everyone would just laugh at me. She is right. When we go outside she ties rope around my balls and cock and then back to a collar around my neck to make sure i wont run or do anything she does not approve of. But i would never leave her. I am not a person without her. i need her to give me orders and commands or i wouldn't even know what to do with myself.

She is on her cell phone now, i try to listen to what shes saying but its hard to listen when i have clamps on every inch of my body including my nipples, my balls and even on the foreskin of my cock.. The pain causes me to lose focus sometimes.

She swiftly comes back in the room. "listen bitch, I am having company over. don't embarrass me." She makes me apply her make up and brush her hair and soon enough the doorbell rings. A beautiful mistress with golden red hair enters the apartment and before i know it i am being spit on by her. "thank you mistress" i imme diately reply.

Her name is mistress Scarlett. While mistress Scarlett digs the heals of her stiletto shoes in my body, trampling even my face, Lady Valentina prepares a web cam so that everyone can see over the Internet. She does this to belittle me and humiliate me. I tell myself i deserve it. I do deserve it.

I start to feel uneasy but i know that there is nothing i can do for i am chained to a floor 24 hour a day. Mistress Scarlett begins to blindfold me and tie my hands to my cock. which inevitably becomes erect. "this is disgusting!" and she spits on my cock flicking it with the point of her shoe, removing the clamp on my foreskin. The pain is indescribable but if i scream Lady Valentina will just gag me and hit me harder for making her work so hard.

Lady Valentina enters the room, she whispers something i can hardly make out and before i know it, her butt is on my mouth. "Lunch time" she says while laughing hysterically. i feel my mouth fill up with her warm brown beautiful shit. I chew on it slowly and softly to savor every last bit of it. She makes sure i eat and swallow all of it. She says its for the "web cam" but i know she gets sadistic pleasure out of it. When she is done, Mistress Scarlett spreads her legs and covers my body in a beautiful shower of golden warm piss. be continued....

Here Piggy Piggy

Written by:
Mistress Victoria

It's Sunday morning and I can hear the rustling of my slave getting everything started for the day. It's a busy day today and a lot is going on in my household. I have company coming over in the afternoon and my slave is preparing for the long day he will have. My company is quite familiar with the entertainment my slave provides for us. I have everyone over on a weekly basis and prefer it to always be on a Sunday. Coming from a very traditional family I enjoy having my friends gather on that day of the week, much like a family would have a Sunday Italian dinner.

My slave is nothing more than a worthless20pig whore. He is nothing more than a worthless piece of shit that deserve full and total humiliation on every level and with every chance possible. Every punishment I dish out he loves and laps up because even he too realizes he is worthless and undeserving. The only name I refer to my slave as is piggy piggy. My slave has a room that he is required to sleep in. It is the bathroom. It is not my bathroom but an extra bathroom in the basement of the house. He sleeps in a tub that also doubles as his toilet, he sleeps nude with no elements of comfort unless of course you consider the warmth of his own urine and fecal matter to be comforting.

 Throughout the day I required him to urinate and defecate in his bed in order to prepare it for his evening rest. However upon awaking he is required to drain the tub clean it and shower in it. By no means is he permitted to leave his bedroom without being clean and fresh smelling for me his Mistress. He tried it once and as a punishment prepared himself a breakfast of toast that he soaked in his bathtub. I sat there and watched him ingest each morsel and stared in his eyes to observe his obedience and humiliation. He needed to understand the discomfort that he causes me when not cleanly. Today however my slave so far has been well behaved. I have walked out of my bedroom to find him at the door asking permission to begin the straightening of my room. My=2 0slave as always is nude. He is not permitted to wear clothing unless he is running my errands or cleaning my home. When running my errands he wears woman's clothing or little girls clothing depending on my mood. I specifically enjoy watching him pick up my dry cleaning and doing my grocery shopping while wearing fishnets and spiked heels looking like a tranny hooker.

I also keep close by him in public places so I can give me subtle hand commands demanding him to either drop and cry like a child on the floor or sit down a bark like a dog. During this I pretend to be a stranger and am horrified and offended by his actions and quite often scream that he obviously needs professional help.  My slave as always is nude. He is not permitted to wear clothing unless he is running my errands or cleaning my home. When running my errands he wears woman's clothing or little girls clothing depending on my mood. I specifically enjoy watching him pick up my dry cleaning and doing my grocery shopping while wearing fishnets and spiked heels looking like a tranny hooker. I also keep close by him in public places so I can give me subtle hand commands demanding him to either drop and cry like a child on the floor or sit down a bark like a dog. During this I pretend to be a stranger and am horrified and offended by his actions and quite often scream that he obviously needs professional help.

After he finishes the straightening of my room, he immediately goes into the kitchen to prepare my meal and heat my tea. I like my tea at a specific temperature. When it is too hot he is punished. Today is one of those days. I feel the cup after he serves it to me at the table and the cup is much too hot to the touch. My punish, I simply throw it on his cock and balls without warning and begin screaming, “It is never to be this hot you fucking little cunt pig!” Then I order him onto the floor and while he is laying on the floor, I dump the rest of the kettle on him. Through screams of pain I laugh and tell him he is a worthless whore and should have done it properly the first time.

Furthermore I tell him to stop acting like a pussy and be a better slave while I step on his testicles and crush them with the heel of my shoe for being so loud early in the morning. Through his punishments he looks me in my eyes and through wimpers and apologies, he replies, “I’m sorry Mistress”. I excuse him from my presence and make him start my entire breakfast over. After breakfast he begins the cleaning since he is also required to keep my home immaculate. Every day he cleans. While doing my bidding today I dress the little tramp in a French maid’s outfit. He wears cute little peek-a-boo bottom panties with a hole cut out in the back. The reason for the hole you may ask? I enjoy having a butt plug with a cute squiggly piggy tail at the end of it. It’s rather amusing to see him bend over on my floor scrubbing with a squiggly tail peeking through his girly panties and French maid’s dress. It simply tickles me pink to see him say, “Yes Mistress” in his outfit with a feather duster in hand. His cleaning chores vary but I always require him to pay specific attention to my kitchen and bathroom and of course to always have my dog's wee-wee pad clean. When my dog shits, which is usually twice a day, he is required to pick the shit up with his mouth one piece at a time and crawl over to the toilet on his hands and knees and put it in20there. If for some reason my dog isn’t feeling well and has diarrhea, piggy piggy is required to lick up the dripping dog shit till my floors is clean. While cleaning my bathroom and kitchen he is required to scrub everything with a toothbrush, his toothbrush. After doing his cleaning he is required to brush his teeth using it. When it's my turn to brush my teeth,piggy must kneel in front of me with his mouth wide open so I may use it as my sink. More often than not I miss of course and leave globs of toothpaste and spit covering his pathetic face.

Soon after the guests start to arrive and where is little piggy piggy? As always, he is greeting my guests as a door mat at the front door while I kiss them on their cheeks and request that they wipe their feet. Each guest enters and thanks me for the invite and wipes their feet on him. They then remove their shoes for cleaning and he cleans their shoes with him tongue to ensure they don't track dirt or mud through the house. Once all of my guests arrive we decide to play so fun games with piggy piggy. I tie him up, blindfold him, and begin the session of cock and ball torture. With my guest watching, I enjoy tying his cock and balls up and sticking safety pins through each of his balls. As I’m tying them up today, I am ensuring to do it really really tight. The skin is taught and tight and extra sensitive. Once he’s fully restrained and tied, I sit him in the middle of the room. My guest and I then take turns putting nipple clamps on his nipples and clothes pins where there aren’t already pins going through his balls. My guests especially love kicking him in the balls randomly. This time he’s once again not taking it as a man like he should and the further punishment will soon begin. He is required to take it like a man and not scream and due to the randomness he quite frequently is screaming. Poor little pussy can’t take a bit of fun. This is a great game to play with piggy piggy because of the randomness. I always know when he’s about to get kicked and will scream so I sit very close to him and as he screams I back hand him and spit in his face and call him a piggy piggy whore.

After my guests and I are tire of the cock and ball torture, I keep him blindfolded and begin the whippings. I whip his back and bottom and then pour rubbing alcohol in his open welts.He is then made to lay flat on his back and we use him as a carpet. At this point, we are tired of seeing him and we order him to sit it the corner with a dunce cap on and not look at us. That doesn’t last too long since I need to use the bathroom and so does one of my guests. I call for piggy to come out of the corner and assist my friend in the bathroom. I put piggy on the leash a nd my friend and I walk piggy piggy into the bathroom. House rule is the door stays open and we all congregate outside to watch. I go to the bathroom first while having my slave sitting obediently in front of me waiting to be my toilet whore. I finish and get up and have him lap up the urine off of me. I turn around and have my polish my asshole with his tongue till it practically shines and not a trace of fecal matter remains around my tight brown shit hole. My friend takes his turn next. He is a rather big guy standing about 6’4. He takes down his pants and sits on the toilet. The odor my guest omits from his ass quickly fills the bathroom. He rises from the toilet and piggy begins to clean his asshole with his tongue just as a good little piggy would. My friend stands over him squatting so his asshole is in my slaves face as piggy piggy sniffs his shit and licks till its clean. My slave tries to get up and my guest says not yet and drops his sweaty balls in piggy’s mouth for a thorough cleaning. Piggy licks and laps and my guest’s cock grows increasingly hard. Little piggy keeps lapping and lapping with his submissive eyes looking up. I order piggy to begin sucking my guest off and while piggy still has a mouthful of cock I tell the two of them to follow me and the other guests back into the living room. Once we’re all there I make my little slave whore continue to blow my guest and have the rest of the men circling around the little fucking slut so he can be their bukakki whore. Seven of my guests begin jerking off and stroking their cocks as the little fucking slut sucks harder and gets it deeper in his throat.

I hear gagging noises and spit in his face while my friends continue to whack off smacking their cocks into his face. My guests no longer able to hold back begin to shoot cum all over the little twat getting it in his hair, eyes, all over his face and it drips down forming puddles around his lips and hanging by thick long white strands from the tip of his nose to his neck. He is so covered in cum that he glistens and sparkles with white globs of hot sticky goo. My original guest finishes the circle by blowing a big load in his mouth. My slave opens his mouth to show me how full of jizz it is. Before he is allowed to swallow he must swirl it around his mouth and look at me and say, “Thank you Mistress.” I laugh and spit a huge glob of spit in his piggy face and grant him permission to down that great big load of spunk. After he’s filled with cum on the inside and outside and looks like a white plastered pig ,"like the ones you see on neighbors lawns", we pull his cock and balls between his legs and put them in a pants hanger, once they are secure in it we take turns smacking them with a metal ruler and shoving ice cubes up h is ass and spitting and pissing in his face. It's been a fun but long day and as my guests begin to leave poor piggy piggy must kneel by the door waiting for each one to pass and thank them for their loads of delicious cum, spit piss and shit.

After my guests leave, it's time for a little personal recreation and I take him to the back yard to practise my golf swing.First I put his penis in a cock ring to keep it hard and then insert a tee into the tip of his penis and continue to hit golf balls off of him. I do this for several hours quite frequently standing on him and digging my cleats into him.When I am finished I take off my sweaty socks and muddy cleats and hand then to him for cleaning. He replies, “Yes Mistress Victoria, thank you Mistress Victoria” and pursues proper cleaning of them with his tongue. In and out of the grooves between each little cleat his tongue slithers till the bottoms shine. He them follows by shoving both of my socks in his mouth. After hitting balls for a few hours I am so hot and sweaty and sweat is dripping from each of my armpits and between my toes. I call my whore over and demand that he clean them with his tongue. I shove his face deep inside each of my armpits and rub his nose all over them letting him slowly savor the aroma. I watch how the stubble rubs prickly over his lips as he begins to lick. Lapping eac h one over and over till they are both clean and odor free.This procedure is repeated on my equally sweaty smelly feet till they are spotless as well.By this point piggy's mouth smells like a cesspool and must crawl to his bathroom ,use his filthy toothbrushand have a fresh gargle of my finest piss.

I am quite hungry now and ready for another meal and have him prepare mine. For this I make him wear a tall chef hat and speak in the same voice as Julia Childs. My slave is an incredible chef so I have him prepare me the finest of food and as he cooks it he recites how to do so as if he was on a cooking show. He serves me my meal at which point I have him under the table sitting next to my dog. After I finish my meal, he is allowed to scavenger the garbage to eat whatever scraps are in there including old canned dog food potato peeling and broken egg shells. But he can only retrieve them as a dog would. Before bed I generally relax and allow my slave to rub my feet,kissing each one and express how grateful he is for having such a perfect Mistress. Tonight I even pet him and tell him what a good little slut he was for his Mistress. As he walks away after my dismissal, I hurl an object at him and tell him to do even better tomorrow because he is still a piece of shit in my eyes and the eyes of the world. That is my little whore and just day in his be continued

Jane by mistress bo

Jane the impressionable blonde, begins to pour the relentless drama of her recent lover now lost. She is tired and needs a place to stay. I drown her with whisky while my glasses fill with ginger-ale. She's a lost, sweet soul, adrift in the city's sleepless nights, blown to my direction by the highways of Lincoln, Nebraska. She likes women she likes men, her style indecipherable but her words are precise and her diction exquisite. Soon we are in a cab and I am explaining the arrangements. She is eager, willing and does not hesitate. I know then, that she has little to any comprehension. She enters the room and a puzzled look falls upon her ashen face. Her shoulders quivering, a moan escaping her parted lips, she turns to gaze at me. I understand this look. She is cold, lonely, dreaming but wishing she was awake. There is a tub, a toilet, a window and a tiled floor. She barely stands, her weight slouching her body to the left. Get in the tub, before I throw you in. You are not to leave this room. You are not to speak unless spoken to. You will not move from here until morning.

I stroke the switch with my piano fingers and cup my yawning face with the other. She surrenders effortlessly, peeling her feet off the aubergine mat and stepping into the cold marble bath. I sleep and wake refreshed in my pampered bed. Slipping out of my silk-satin sheets I saunter towards the slave quarters to check on my pet. Listless she lays, round and creamy, naked and deep in her drunken slumber. I thrust on the hot water and watch her dismembered thrashing and listen pleasurably to her banshee screams. The water scalds her aching flesh for 5 minutes after which I return with a long bread knife to gnaw at her precious golden locks. Finishing this regimented cleaning with an extended NIX treatment to her scalp and pubes I then bend her torso forward and flat. Her bottom is now by my face and her back pounded by the water still. I trace a razor up the seams of her legs, then spreading her ass with my left hand I skin the crease of her behind leaving nothing but bareness and an irresistible smoothness. Reaching around to what womanhood she has left I strip her eden bare, the forbidden fruit now no longer hidden. Her clothes, phone, wallet and coat discarded, not even a towel accessible. She is to be my nude servant, even her collar she must earn.

The steam continues to billow through the air, bleeding a foggy pall over the room and the others. She is looking far ahead, a proudness still present in her posture, and a look of martyrdom in her eyes. The intake is over. I take her hand in mine and delicately lead her to the parlor room where she will sit as she is so clean on my black leather wingback chair. This porcelain puppet, all propped on my tufted throne. One has only to see her to recognize how far in a violent world the conjuring force of desire can go. Flames encircle our soiree as I rehearse essential codes of conduct. Forcefully parting her legs with each instruction. Her eyes begin to well and meander the room. Look at me you slut.

My nails churning her buttery flesh. I spit on her gaping cunt and grind the sole of my booted gams onto her parted lower lips. My heel rubs her labia violently. Don't you fucking say a word, put your hands at your sides. I continue to fuck her forcefully with my boot, letting her lick the fresh scent on my shoe with her sissy tongue. Grabbing the nape of her neck I thrust her face to my feet, and take a seat on her skull. Talk to my feet tell them how wonderful they are for dutifully pleasing you, kiss them with your whole mouth, lay your tongue on their tip. Now candle in hand I mercilessly illustrate on her back. Pouring the hot wax down her spine, each shudder and tremor encouraging me more. She begins to cry and I kick her slobbering face off my boots. Throwing the candle and stepping off my seat I am infuriated by this disobedience. I slap her. Hard. She catches her breath and stops for one god damn second, but then the stifles return and the true catharsis begins. Choking her tears her nose runs instead and snot is bubbling at the edge of her nostrils. I'm so glad her hair isn't there obscuring such a beautiful sight. I pinch her nose and plant my other hand on her mouth, throwing this mask against the back of the chair. Don't you cry now, I've done nothing yet.

Face down on the floor. The day is passing quickly. I return with the glass of water I had left the night before. How stupid you are to not enjoy these things, did you not know it was your last? I throw the contents at her face. I have been drinking plenty, my stream will be powerful, and you will tell me just so when I relieve myself along your dollish backside.. Ahh..... Its time to feed this sad, sad pet. I place a can of tuna at the floor nearest to her face, the opener in hand, I squat to lazily open it, squirting oils and smutty juices every which way. The lid is barely plied off when I return it to her. Her wrists I then cuff behind her back.

You will eat like a dog, because you will sleep, piss and shit like one, all in your piss-shit-den-tub. I talk more filth about her doghouse and her toilet-tank-bowl of water. She barely eats. I force her face deep into the can. You will eat every pathetic, tiny, tasteless, morsel from this here. Whether your tongue be just bloody or sawed off. I want to watch you eat desperately and hungrily with complete abandon. I want to hear the plucking of your tongue against the slick and sharp tin edges. Please your Mistress, as I pleased your pink pussy before. Trickles of blood begin to form from the serrated edges of the can. She lays in a pool of water, her bloody tongue working at the can. I bridge my legs over her back and garnish her body and dinner with my nectar.

To Be Continued......

HER abomination a story by Mistress Winter

I awake at 10 am. to a bell being wrung in the hallway. My slave is in the bed I made him fashion from plastic soda crates. He cannot see me, he might enjoy that. He is wearing a duct tape and garbage bag thong. He is hog tied and was instructed to pick up the bell in his cage at 10:00 am. to wake me. My slave is the alarm clock. If he fails to wake me at the time I demanded I pull him out of his box by his hair and do not untie him for his first chore of the day which is cleaning the shitty litter box with his mouth. If he wakes me over an hour late he must eat every last bit of cat shit and coagulated cat piss in the box while hog tied. When he wakes=2 0me on time I allow him to clean it untied. While he cleans the box, I make myself breakfast. I don’t want that slimy pig touching my food. Worthless sack of shit would probably put his dick in my food.

Before I sit down to eat my breakfast I rip off his thong hoping that I rip off his tiny little dick with what hair has grown back since last weeks waxing. Every week I wax all of his body hair. He is a dirty pig and it20is the only way he ever looks clean. I will do it today after I eat breakfast.

I need to pee so I pin his eyelids open and spray piss all over his face. I slap him backhanded as hard as I can if he dares look anywhere but back into his head. If he thrashes I slap him some more, until I see some blood spurt from his mouth. Which would leave me remotely satisfied with the effort I bestowed unto him by bothering to slap him in the first place.

I need him to scamper in and be my foot stool every morning so I can reach my favorite dishes. I keep them up high so he has something he is not ever supposed to forget. At best he is equal to the ground I walk on, and I give him value by using him to attain my own goals. I usually give him a little jump or a stomp just to hear him groan. Half the time he farts too which is all the more reason for me to give his balls a little stomp too.

While I eat breakfast I instruct him to rub his bod y over with alcohol. He must be clean if I am to come near him to wax him. I tell him to use his bucket when he’s done with his alcohol wash. I tell him to make sure he wipes his ass well, and to remember to keep his used toilet paper separate. His bucket is in the basement. He has five minutes before I go down there and shove his naked ass out onto the street. The rule is that if he gets put outside he cannot come back until he has asked ten large black men if he can butt fuck their mothers, I live in Harlem , he is naked. If he comes back on time, with his bucket and used toilet paper, I dump his brunch into the bucket… raisins, French bread, and some cat food. Then I tell him to scoop a few cups of toilet water into the bucket. After his wax he has to bob for his brunch.

Now that I’ve finished my breakfast, I tell him to put his shitty used toilet paper into his mouth as a gag, secured with saran wrap from throat to the bottom of his nose. His mouth is so full I can see the soppy, shitty toilet paper through the plastic. I don’t want to be bothered by his screaming while he gets waxed. He is a hairy bastard, which is unfortunate, because I have to waste so much of my time making him tolerable to look at.

After I wax him he gets to spit out his shitty toilet pape r and bob for his food. He has to eat every last bit of "food" out of the bucket and if he throws up he'll have to eat the food out of that too. As he gags on his shit I lash his legs and ass with a cane. He cries into his shit bucket and with every whimper and gag I beat him harder. I leave ribbons of red over every bit of non-shitty exposed skin. I pour more alcohol on him when he’s done with his breakfast, this time to make him squirm. His ass and legs are bleeding and when he screams from the alcohol I pummel him with the cane. I make him hold out his hands and I hit them until they bleed. I kick him in the balls with one swift movement and when he falls I kick him in the balls again. He tries to grab them away which only makes me want to kick them more. So I do. He's screaming and rolling on the ground. He's funny when he rolls around with that pitiful squeal. When I stop he just lays on his back and I tell him to get the fuck up, what a lazy piece of shit, lying on the floor.

I’m going to take a shower; he needs to clean up every sign of his shit before I am done, including what’s on him... If he cleans it all up I allow him to give me a foot massage. If I am not pleased I have another slave come over to massage them for me. If I see or smell the slightest sign of his feces he will have to lick the dirty ass of a homeless man I sometimes employ on just such occasions. He 'll have to blow him too. So while he's sucking on a filthy cock I have another slave sucking on my toes and giving me a firm foot massage. Oh, how he moans. It makes him so unhappy to not be allowed at my feet.

Then, since he's in trouble, I will have the homeless man give my slave an enema. My slave will have to lay ass up in the air, face dripping with cum, and receive at least a half gallon of lightly cayenne treated water. Then he will have to wiggle his way over to his bucket without spilling a drop, unless he wants to lick it up, and he has to squat over the bucket while we watch and then I'll throw his lunch in for him to eagerly devour, which he'd better do, while I stave off vomiting myself. If I do vomit that goes in the bucket as well, he should only be so lucky. If I'm really displeased with him, instead of him getting the enema he has to give my homeless minion one. Oh, how they both moan and groan and beg to avoid that. Then my slave has to eat his lunch from the remnants of the homeless mans' colon. He'll throw up and then he'll have food for days and days. He tries very hard not to make me so displeased.

I’ll tie up his cock with copper wire, tied so that if he gets the slightest bit of an erection the last bit of circulation will be cut off, leaving him to worry his dick will fall off if he becomes aroused. I tell him to look, “I made you a real set of balls” and I w ould then and I would then dangle two D cell batteries from the copper wire. There is no way he can pee, except on himself, plus a shock to his delicates. His dick is coiled like a snail shell with the wire.

I decide to have a cigarette while he puts on his grocery shopping uniform. His mouth is my ash tray, he must anticipate my need to rid my cigarettes of ash while he gets ready. If he misses some ash I add another cigarette burn to the circle I’ve been making around his asshole. I want him to remember his failure every time he takes a step, sits down and shits. Shame on him for making me punish him, I tell him he will have to pay with blood later.

I send him to go do my grocery shopping wearing only a tutu and a fresh garbage bag and duct tape thong. The only response to anything said to him must be, "I am a pretty princess”.

When he returns and unloads my groceries the mangy pig begged to have his cock untied. So, I remove the batteries and with the remaining wire I fashion a tiny protruding appendage. It’s bigger than his cock, hey now he actually has a cock. I threaten to have him gang banged by four fat, horny, mean truckers if he doesn’t go and fuck the electrical socket. He fucks it and is shocked. He screams and grabs at his cock. I kick it and decide to have him gang banged anyways. While they double team him he has to fuck a stuffed animal that has been sitting in the gutter down the street for 2 months.

I tell him to clean up and attempt to look remotely normal. He has to go to work. He has a 12 hour shift driving a taxi soon approaching. The money will be for me of course.

When he returns with less money than he should have made I tell him to strip down to his garbage bag thong and wait by the rack.

I approach a few minutes later with my black coffee, he bought me the wrong kind of milk, so I throw the hot liquid in his face. He falls to his knees with his hands over his eyes and I push my knee into his stomach. I tell him he’s worthless, not worth anymore of my energy and I send him to his crate. I hog tie him with industrial zip ties, the crate is hardly big enough to fit him. After I lock the door to his bed I light the candles over the crate. They are tilted to ensure they drip on him for hours after I’ve gone to bed, I don’t want him to be too rested. I tell him that if he is good, tomorrow I will try not to cut into his balls when I’m cutting the word WORTHLESS onto his sack.